In Windows 11 there’s a button on the taskbar next to the start button that lets you switch between multiple desktop environments. It seems like something that would probably be useful in theory, but I can’t think of any reason why I would want to use it. Is it actually useful? What do people use it for?

  • @BlameThePeacock
    84 months ago

    I’m a freelance consultant/trainer but I only have one computer, I use them to split my personal and client specific functions.

    I actually use three desktops:

    one for my “Normal” usage, so my personal e-mail, news, youtube, lemmy, netflix, etc. one for my gaming, I usually have up the game, notes, spreadsheets, streams, etc. one for my work, with client related websites, notes, code, file explorers, etc.

    When I’m teaching I actually have a second user login for my computer that I switch over to. This is to prevent me accidentally sharing anything on my screen that I didn’t intentionally prepare ahead of time. Especially things like accidentally showing my other client’s files/notes, downloads/recent files, browser history/autocomplete, etc.