Hey! I’ve spent two days trying to get horizontal boost to work on my controller. For some reason I can only get it to boost to the sides and backwards.

I have the gamepass version of the game but was able to add it to steam via UWPHook and use steams controller settings to make a mode-shift so double pressing Y while holding the left joystick in a direction is WASD + Alternate boost key (alt in my case). I’ve also tried mapping just forwards horizontal boost (W+alt) to Y+B, Left stick click+Y and others. But forwards horizontal boost never works. It does work fine if I use the keyboard, but I can’t play with KB&M due to my bad spine, it hurts if I do, so a controller is the only option.

I’ve read about reWASD but I’m completely broke so can’t afford it, and haven’t been able to find a recent version on the high seas of the web.

Windows 11

Gamepass starfield

Latest steam

Controller is a Nacon Revolution X

I can post an image of the mapping if that might help solve the issue. Any ideas?

  • twistedtxb
    9 months ago

    Tbh this should have been fixed day one. Its one of the things they should have spotted right away.

    One month since launch, nothing