I’ve tried to figure some of this stuff out but I really don’t know what I’m doing. Most documentation is written with a vocabulary I don’t understand. Tutorials assume a high-level understanding of coding, software, CLI and a bunch of other stuff.

So far I’ve got an old gaming PC with a R7 2700x + 2060 Super and I think maybe it’s overkill. I’ve got TrueNAS running on it but that’s about as far as I got…

Thinking maybe we can have an open Jitsi meeting and just anyone who needs help can get it (myself included 🙂)?

Would anyone be interested in something like that?

E: some people have imagined up some things that I said so let me be clear about what I did not say:

At no time did I insist, beg, or demand that anyone help me.

I did NOT ask anyone to help with a specific issue, nor should I be required to.

I asked if anyone would be willing to help myself and possibly others to get some services running, and I asked to do it in a videoconference setting where we can have a discussion and where you can see what I’m doing as I’m doing it, out of respect for both of our time.

If you are not interested, you do not need to come in here and announce it, and you sure as shit do not need to speak for anyone else on whether they will want to. Just keep scrolling.

E2: special thanks to those who actually reached out and offered to help!

  • @AdminWorker
    4 months ago

    I was imagining a “I just wiped my hard drive and flashed the current version of Debian. Let’s get basic services up.”

    I wish there was a “hey watch me code/self host” channel that helped noobs see how to approach the problem of starting. Usually their is a “hey watch me code” YouTube that is old enough to have a critical breaking point (some library updated) so a noob finds it impossible.

    • 𝕽𝖔𝖔𝖙𝖎𝖊𝖘𝖙
      4 months ago

      This will forever be the problem with video tutorials.

      Development often moves fairly quickly and videos on most platforms can’t be edited after posting.

      The result is your best outcome is if they make an update video to address the changes. Unfortunately that’s also one of the least likely outcomes.

      Otherwise the options are:

      1. Take the video down and lose any income it generates
      2. Put a note in the description linking to a document addressing the updates
      3. Keep the outdated video up and keep making money from it

      If you’re lucky you might get option 2, but in most cases you’re gonna end up with option 3.

      In the vast majority of cases content creators aren’t going to pull or replace a profitable video even if it becomes outdated.

      It’s a tough situation, I can’t really blame them for doing what is in their best interest as a business.

      Ideally you should try to get comfortable with non-video tutorials.