Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors the company will “quiet the noise” in a culture war that has pitted social conservatives against the global media and entertainment conglomerate, according to an analyst note on Wednesday.

  • @ImplyingImplications
    57 months ago

    Ah yes. Media companies should produce stories with literally no point or purpose! Just like they always have!

    • PenguinJuiceOP
      17 months ago

      They are more than welcome to, but clearly there isn’t a large enough audience who wants to see those types of movies, let alone subject their children to it.

      • @[email protected]
        7 months ago

        Representation is incredibly important.

        If your solution is don’t show gay couples because it upsets homophobic people then that’s fucking stupid.

        Black people had to fight a similar battle to be included in the media. Should they have bent to the racists as well in your opinion?

        We know the racists are on the wrong side of history. And anyone sensible knows homophobes and transphobes are as well.