• kat
    1 year ago

    Thank you for the resource. I’ll give it a “Go” tomorrow. If it makes my brain monkeys dance, you’re gonna be in luck (at least from the perspective that I’m gonna be filling at least one of your hobbies with endless comments and engagement).

    For a successful community online you need two types of people: content creators and fillers. I’m a filler. I don’t provide value 99% of the time but I can generally keep a discussion going for long enough to make communities busy enough to attract content creators. I know people are pessimistic about Lemmy but if just a few fillers start passionately bickering in the comments, this whole project is fine.

    Anyway I’m gonna tell you if I like Go. I might also take you up on the match when I’m comfortable with the rules. I’ll do my best, but the ADHD really runs this ship and I just do what the dopamine tells me. Wish you well in your Kansas City journey - not even sure what sport that is.