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So many international mining companies are based in Canada so that they could use our shitty labour laws that allows the exploitation of workers in other countries.

This is even more ridiculous as they are literally working and interacting with Canadians in Canada.

Let’s wait 5 years, debate it for another 5, and then take another 5 years to pass something to raise their wage from $3.75 to $5.00. Oh and this counts as the NDP’s concession to keep the Liberals in power until the election of 2040.

What's the difference between !canada and !canada@lemmy.ml
I noticed that there are 2 Canada communities. Participation is already quite low, have there been any thought to merging the two communities?

Not too sure. I think they go through a simple vetting process and once you’re in you pay dues. I’m hoping that this is a good way to meet comrades IRL. Hoping to eventually find a way to contribute to organizing and participate in study group discussions.

Which communist party to join in Canada?
Are either of the two main parties worth joining? What about the PCR-RCP? I've seen a lot of claims that they are both revisionist and I am wondering if anyone else has any thoughts they would want to share? Alternatively, what are some others ways your average person can contribute to organizing?

I am honestly curious what their thoughts are. Do they think that who her grandfather is shouldn’t influence how people view her? There’s merit in that line of thinking but I am curious what their thoughts are about the fact that she has talked positively of her grandfather’s influences in the past.

Too bad what is considered affordable housing is not affordable to most people at all.