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  • The thing is you’re absolutely right, it’s not the fault of business that they’re allowed to run rampant and that the system is gameable. It’s kinda their fault that they’re so good at lying and then supporting those lies through lobbying for wrongheaded/poor/ignorant/laughable legislation, but it’s simply the clever thing to do in the situation.

    No, it’s the situation that needs to change. The government which allows them to govern themselves with revolving doors and without oversight is the real problem. The justices who put their own interests before their job. The stock market which eventually requires the enshittification of everything, and which does not allow the company to take the correct course. And the politicians, who either knew or had already abdicated their responsibilities, and so let them do it anyway, from plastics recycling to PFAS to climate change - it’s all lies, all the time and too little, too late.

    Let’s replace them all with AI. At least it just hallucinates. It’s not yet established itself to be reliably malevolent, and maybe if we get rid of all these shitheads pumping out bad information and bullshit simply to cover their own asses, it’ll start getting better information and hallucinate less, who knows, at least it won’t be actively trying to wipe us all out so we don’t figure out what it’s been up to.