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  • This is a massive miss-play on Suse’s part. Essentially all the good will, and recognition I have for Suse is based on OpenSuse. It’s the reason many of the places I’ve worked at now run a Suse product instead of redhat. Seriously, when I think of OpenSuse and Suse as a whole I barely differentiate the toonunlike redhat and fedora. That’s likely the reason for the switch but I cannot see how-this does anything but benefit them.

    From the article too there are some concerns. Suse is, admittedly, trying to cause opensuse to change direction ans managment to further suit it’s buisness at threat of removing support. This is sad to see.

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    You are an idiot my friend. You come in to insult and angrily refute a person making a joke with idiodic assertions.

    This is new, the age of our representatives has been getting older and older as time goes on.

    One, at the time outlier, example does not change this.

    The average age of our house of representatives has seen a massive increase since 2000. A huge upward spike. This has been continual, but the rapid increase is new.

    The reality is clear boy, but you come in here to sound smart and feel superior.

    Also, they don’t claim it’s new, other than the age which has been increasing for years in fact being older than it was before

    They said nothing about biden either freak