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  • Youtube is past the growth phase, at this point it’s about minimising cost and maximising revenue.

    If you regularly use it with adblock but decide to stop using it because of this, then youtube would have succeeded. You weren’t making them money and were costing them bandwidth, so good riddance.

    If you really want to stick it to them, turn on adblock, find some long videos and play them on mute in the background at 4K/1080p60 resolution. Cost them even more bandwidth.

    Even better, start randomly disliking videos or making nonsensical comments (not hateful or toxic ones, just comments that don’t make sense). Enshittify it further.

  • Interesting… I switched away from Samsung and actually hated stock Android!

    • I actually preferred One UI to the standard pixel, mainly because Google ruined the quick settings - they made each button unnecessarily big, and turning on/off the wifi requires two taps instead of one now (Internet > Wifi). That’s something I can’t change without rooting.
    • Some Samsung stock apps are actually a great alternative to the android ones (I use Samsung Notes a ton). The only downside is they force you to download it through their own app store.
    • Samsung doesn’t really have much bloat now, and the few pieces of bloat i found could be uninstalled
    • Samsung is still the only phone manufacturer with triple camera setups in a small flagship phone

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect, but the issues I had with Samsung were solvable (e.g. uninstalling bloat is a one-time thing) while the annoyances I’ve had with a Pixel aren’t solvable (quick settings, no third camera).

  • But the whole “Have your boss or subordinate over for dinner” BS was never my thing.

    TBH I truly think it was a boomer invention that died in the 80s, because nobody I know ever did anything like this willingly.

    That was for a different time and era when company loyalty was a thing. When you intended to work for a company for decades, forming relationships with your boss actually meant something.

    Nowadays employees are just disposable assets, so why bother forming deep bonds with your coworkers?