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The nosystemd site really doesn’t make a good argument by listing outages… that feels very arbitrary at best (if I showed you our outages at work, you’d think every system was useless; eg: a count of outages could just be a sign that it’s heavily used). I’m surprised the main website itself doesn’t try to at least inline a summary of main arguments against systemd. Since it fails to do that, could someone share a very short synopsis of where the dislike comes from? Or link me to the next summary you’ve seen?

Yeah I’d get this in chrome all the time.

It’s surprising how serious and how old and unresolved that bug and its related bugs are. Only the gnome bug was marked fixed. I’m tempted to see if this is still an issue on modern gnome lock screen…

I also share the privacy concerns - it’d be too high a bar of publicly identifying yourself to really encourage conversation (and then I’d be worried about the perhaps non-technical people who would accidentally use it not realizing how their voice is PII).

I’m intrigued by the idea from a UX/convenience perspective though. Maybe you can get the best of both worlds (pseudo anonymity + speak-to-participate UX) if you “salt and hash” the audio consistently? That is, every user ID would have their voice altered in a consistent but irreversable way, that’s also not vulnerable to some future rainbow table~esque attack.

Matrix.org chat apps have supported it for a while (and is “FOSS puritan” whatever that loaded crap means).

I use gnome (because otherwise there’s so much functionality I have to think about, rather than get for free out of the box, on my laptop), and I think that means discussion talking about picking “window manager” just don’t apply to me (eg)? That is, while I can find an extension to change how windows are managed there isn’t really a clean separation between DE and WMs for gnome users.

I’m happy to be corrected though, and have an ELI5 moment.