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  • Depends on the features.

    Git has some counterintuitive commands for some commands you may want to do when you want to quickly do something. Being able to click a button and have the IDE remember the syntax for you is nice.

    Some IDEs have extra non-native Git features like have inlined “git blame” outputs as you edit (easily see a commit message per-line, see who changed what, etc.), better diff/merge tooling (JetBrain’s merge tool comes to mind), being able to revert parts of the file instead of the whole file, etc.

    the git integration in vscode which I discarded after few attempts to use

    I’m going to be honest, I don’t really like VS Code’s Git integration either. I find it clunky and opinionated with shitty opinions.

  • While I agree with most of what you’re saying, it’s also stupid to blame Microsoft for breaking your computer if you forcefully uninstall the Windows store, despite the fact that it’s needed for parts of certain updates.

    A lot of the “debloaters” have no fucking idea what they’re actually doing and are uninstalling/disabling critical parts of the OS so the task manager shows less RAM usage (because God forbid you actually use your damn RAM).

  • Their outside communication is nonexistent at best

    Eh, they’re decently active on Reddit, I guess. They send the occasional newsletter regarding new features if you don’t unsubscribe (and they’re pretty good at not spamming with those, imo).

    development speed is unbearably slow

    I see people say this all the time, and while feature updates are kind of slow, I’m also not lacking anything, personally. I would appreciate it if they smoothed-out SimpleLogin’s extension, though. That thing is weirdly clunky to use.

    Agree on the Linux bit, though. I’m surprised they haven’t put more work into that.

    Overall, I’ve been a happy customer for a few years, personally.

  • Yeah, if you listen to any content creator talk about sponsorship revenues it basically eclipses all other form of revenue for them.

    I think it was Pokimane who got tired of people donating money and then being assholes if she wasn’t basically gushing over them for hours, so she just went “You know what, I don’t actually need your Twitch dontations.” and just turned them off.

    Content creators make thousands of dollars per sponsorship deal minimum if they have a decent amount of viewers. Bigger creators like Ludwig get millions for some deals (Redbull gives him a crapload of money for product placement, for example).