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  • Is there a dedicated page tracking updates specifically to KDE Connect?

    It is part of KDE Gear, so generally in the gear release announcement. The last few releases were not that big in term of feature but the next one includes some goodies.

    Does Connect use BTLE?

    KDE Connect will have the Bluetooth backend enabled by default with the next gear release (24.02). I’m not sure if this is BTLE or normal Bluetooth.

    Could you guys implement an auto tethering option between phone/PC?

    No idea :(

    How instant are notifications synced?

    For me it is pretty instant. I never miss my Bereal notifications thanks to it :)

    Do notifications disappear on one side or the other when viewed on one or the other platform?


    Maybe implement a “link to KDE” notification toggle to mirror the “link to windows” functionality of Android?

    No idea :(

  • I donate periodically to KDE, but my major gripe is that I don’t know where the money is going. They have no financial reports that can be easily found

    The yearly reports of the KDE e.V. can be found in https://kde.org/community/donations/

    individual projects don’t have a donation button

    this is because giving money individually to a KDE subproject is a lot of logistic and unless the project is big and receive a lot of money, the amount collected for the individual project won’t be enough to do anything meaningful for the project. But we had a trial with Kdenlive specific fundraising, which worked reasonably well last year so maybe we will see more subprojects specific fundraising in the future.

    there’s no public tracking of their income or expenditure like on opencollective

    yeah aside from the graphs in https://ev.kde.org/reports/ev-2022/#working-groups_ we don’t publish detailed logs of every single transactions as they contain private details like how much our contractors are getting paid. KDE e.V. is a registered non-profit in Germany and the tax offices is very vigilant that nothing weird happens.

    it’s not easy to find KDE devs (aka who is actually on the KDE team) so that one could sponsor individual devs

    This developers accepting donations often have this info on their website. It’s also possible to find KDE related people on liberapay https://liberapay.com/search?q=kde