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  • Any long-time windows users frustrated with how things are going really should try installing Linux Mint and just see how it goes. No need to nuke windows, just dual boot for now.

    There are plenty of things that can end up keeping somebody on Windows, and admittedly I have not switched over all my machines at home yet. But for general usage, it’s such a night and day difference between the OS designed to be nice to use and the OS designed according to a complex matrix of corporate goals. And that’s using a distro that’s the opposite of stripped down and light weight.

    I’m able to dual boot at work, and at this point I only fire up windows occasionally to make sure it doesn’t get out of date and isolated from the network or something. Even using outlook and doing video calls on Teams works great with the web versions in Firefox.

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    This feels like some strained both-sidesing here.

    Calling the traitorous self-serving felon that caused an actual attack on the government and the Democratic process “a threat to democracy” seems tame, honestly. And that’s not even getting into his promises to jail political opponents, be a dictator on day one, suspend the constitution, call the free press an enemy of the people, and claim absolute authority and absolute immunity.

    But then that whole political group also seems convinced that a barely progressive status quo “let’s work together” administration is literally totalitarian tyranny.

  • One way to think of it is that if photovoltaics are cheap and efficient enough to be used in general all over the grid and be worth the investment, then if you’re building a structure with the sole purpose of blocking the sun it may be a good candidate!

    Plus since the cost involves a large investment of capital over a long period of time, revenue from the energy generated might make it profitable at the end of her day.