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  • I would say that’s YouTube in general, but even that’s not true. Practically all media frequently focuses on faces.

    YouTube thumbnails, social media, the rise of selfies, video calling, portraits (always been one of the most common forms of art), film posters (disproportionately feature the faces of their characters), etc.

    Humans love seeing faces. We are drawn to faces, it’s linked to us being an intelligent social species with complex social and familial structures. It’s ingrained in us to place great attention and recognition on faces, and to glean information from them.

    In fact, our brains are so obsessed with facial recognition, that we often see faces where none exist (pareidolia). That’s how strong this effect is.

    I get that people on Lemmy/Reddit act like seeing a face in the thumbnail is the worst thing ever, but creators do it because people want to see faces. All the data points to people being more engaged when we see faces.

    And honestly, compared to other forms of trying to get people interested, such as using misleading or untrue titles, ragebait, failing to mention the video is sponsored in a way that undermines the integrity of the video, etc., including a face in a thumbnail is just about the least troublesome avenue. A face in a thumbnail is completely and utterly harmless.

  • Look, you clearly have way more time on your hands to simp for Facebook than I do to figure your lies, so I’m only going to cover the first few lines of your comment. I’m not even going to bother reading the rest of your comment. It’s probably just more lies anyway.

    Eh… you don’t seem to know how any of this works.

    The irony.

    A Quest isn’t a HMD, it’s a self-contained system.

    No shit. I alluded to that myself, when I said it has a storefront. That’s obviously not something a monitor could run itself.

    I’m going to put this in bold, italics, and in caps, maybe then it’ll get through to you:


    Did that get through? Do you understand?

    Now, maybe you’re fine with jumping through whatever hoops Facebook wants to put in place. Maybe you think it’s a good thing. Maybe you have posters of Zuckerberg up in your bathroom so he can watch you piss. I’m not really interested.

    If you like signing in with a Facebook account, good for you. You enjoy your quest. I’m ecstatic with joy for you, YOU DO YOU KING. But not everyone wants to be forced into signing in with a Facebook/Meta account to use a display output.

  • Well, we do know that you want to litigate the misrepresentation indefinitely.

    I’m just calling out a lie. I like to do that. I’m sorry that offends you.

    So you’re lying about what I said.


    EDIT: Also, for the record, there are a bunch of monitor manufacturers that do ask for a login. Hi, ASUS Armoury Crate, you suck and have always sucked.

    And they don’t. No monitor asks you to sign in before (or after) using it.

    Now, about your other absurd lie.

    I haven’t lied once, that’s all on you.

    You HAVE to make a Google account to use the Google Play store

    Yes? Who said otherwise? The play store isn’t required for you to use your phone.

    which is the platform (Android is just the OS).

    Please don’t take offence at this, but are you mentally deficient? Of course Android is a platform. In every sense of the word. It’s a platform for apps, it’s a platform for development, it’s a platform for all kinds of things.

    Let’s look at the Cambridge definition:

    Platform, noun. (Computing)

    "the type of computer system or smartphone you are using, in relation to the type of software (= computer programs) you can use on it:

    • This new personal banking software can be used with any Windows platform.

    • Both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile platforms now have emoji keyboards built into their software."

    You HAVE to make a Nintendo account to use the eShop

    Again, you don’t need the eShop to use a switch.

    I also see you ignoring that I mentioned YouTube. Is that not a platform in your confused mind?

    Oh, and Lemmy.


    So if Microsoft MAKES you log in to use an Xbox and Sony MAKES you log in to use a PlayStation and Steam MAKES you log in to use… well, Steam and Steam VR, then why are you singling out Meta?


    • This submission is about Meta. Of course I’m talking about Meta.

    • It’s a fucking display and gyrometer. It has zero reason to enforce using an account, unlike a storefront/game platform such as steam, which can’t really work without accounts.

    That’s rethorical, by the way

    I don’t care. I’ve addressed your nonsense regardless.

    It’s because this was a legitimate issue back in 2020

    Was and still is.

    legitimately mad for a bit

    Still are, and for good reason.

    people didn’t want to stop being mad at them for other reasons

    Nope. For the same reason. They enforce a Facebook/Meta login.

    Having to endure the absurd dance of somebody pretending that a company with a closed platform containing a store and a digital distribution service would require a login to operate just like everybody else.


    Please STOP with these brazen lies.

    NOBODY, and I do literally mean nobody, ever, anywhere, in any capacity, has an issue with Facebook requiring an account to use their storefront.

    People do have an issue with Facebook requiring a log in to use a bloody HDMI port on a head mounted display they sell.

    You know this, because you’ve already been told, you are just purposely being contrarian because you get off on it or something, I don’t know.

  • Yes.


    That’s why I didn’t just say that monitors also ask for your login

    Yes you did. Scroll up.

    that was just a minor postcript throwaway at the end of the post.

    I’m sorry, does your lie being at the end of a post rather than at the start somehow mean it doesn’t count?

    But by all means, please do provide a counterexample of a standalone software or hardware platform that doesn’t request a login. I am waiting with bated breath.

    Stop moving the goalposts. You said they force you. Now you’re saying request.

    Don’t you remember saying that they force you? Here’s your quote:

    all dedicated hardware and software platforms in the market, VR or not, do require a mandatory login.

    And for that I could name a bunch of examples. You don’t have to make a Google account to use an Android phone. You don’t have to make a Nintendo account to play on a Switch. You don’t need an account to play play Blu-rays on a Blu-ray player. My smart TV doesn’t need a Google account or a Sony account. You don’t need an account to watch YouTube. Etc. Those are all hardware, software, or both ecosystems.

    How aren’t you understanding that asking (or in the case of monitors, not even asking - to be very clear, you lied about that) for a login and requiring it aren’t the same?

    Nobody has an issue with Facebook/Microsoft/Google asking you to sign in. But they absolutely have a problem with it being enforced. Particularly when it’s for something as basic as displaying an HDMI signal.

  • No.

    In reply to someone complaining that a head mounted display forces you to have a Facebook/Meta login in order to use it at all, you brought up that “a bunch” of monitors also “ask” that you do the same.


    • asking is not the same as forcing.

    • monitors don’t do that anyway, your argument is a lie.

    I have never seen a monitor’s OSD popping up and pestering you to sign in.

    all dedicated hardware and software platforms in the market, VR or not, do require a mandatory login.

    That is not true either.

  • I can see the utility in this.

    I have tens of thousands of photos, it’d be nice to search “[daughter’s name] holding blue teddy bear” and have it come back with the exact picture I have in mind but would struggle to find.

    Is it worth the privacy and potential security issues, though? I’d say hell no.

    I look forward to the future where we have powerful, energy efficient neural processing hardware, and a robust open source software ecosystem to do this in a more trustable way offline and on-device, or on a Nextcloud home server or something like that.

  • So you brought up an optional piece of software with an email log in and treated it the same as enforcing a log in. Cool.

    Asus having software you can optionally use to control your display and other Asus peripherals/components is very different to enforcing a Meta/Facebook account to use a display.

    That is not the same and the comparison is ridiculous.

    If Facebook said that accounts were completely optional and only used to access their store or whatever then there would be zero issue.

    But that’s not what they do. You have to log in and create an account just to have an HDMI signal and basic gyroscope functionality.

  • Efuels make sense for some things

    • Mechanical equipment that cannot be quickly transitioned to electricity in the short term (thankfully there’s not actually much stuff like that)

    • Flights (where the size and weight of batteries are an issue, hydrogen planes are a ways off and have their own issues)

    • Some motorsports where batteries would die quick and the added weight massively compromises racing.

    • People in the future keeping classic cars on the road (remember that this is only a tiny amount of miles/km traveled in total, and wouldn’t use up a great deal of fuel)

    But for general road cars? No. Efuels are a terrible idea, and doomed to fail.

    All it would do is take up huge amounts of land that could be used more productively, cost waaay more than electricity, provide worse performance than electricity, be less reliable and need more performance than an electric powertrain, and still come out being worse for the planet than electric cars.

    Fuel companies need to accept that carbon fuels will become increasingly niche. They’re in denial.