Some say that giant Koreans don’t exist.

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  • A man goes to his doctor and says “Doc, I’ve always had this really high pitched voice, I don’t know why, but I think it’s the reason I’m not taken seriously at work, can you help me?” The doctor tells him he can help if he can determine the cause, and he’ll have to give him a physical. “Well, we found the problem” the doctor tells him. “You have a massive penis. It’s so large that the weight of it pulls your vocal chords, causing your voice to be extremely high pitched. We could fix your voice with a simple penis reduction.” The man says “OK doc, I’ll do anything to have a normal voice!”

    After his surgery, the man is thrilled to have a normal voice and he goes home to celebrate with his wife. A few weeks later, however, he returns to the doctor’s office. “Doc, as much as I love my new voice, the sad fact is I just can’t satisfy my wife properly with my reduced member, she’s just used to what I used to have. Do you still have that piece of my penis, so you could reattach it?” The doctor replies “No! I don’t know what happened to it!”