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  • Cheers, that’s hopefully the way we can make it work.

    If there’s one thing that often bugs me about my peers, it’s the unwillingness to learn from someone younger than you. Plenty of young people know all kinds of shit I’ve never known and they grew up in a world with access to more accurate information and education, so things I was taught in my childhood may be wrong.

    For example, since I don’t have kids of my own, until recently I was totally unaware that there was a chickenpox vaccine. I was one of the last generations of ‘chicken pox parties’ where they just tried to get entire classes of kids to get it all at once so they wouldn’t get it at a more dangerous age.

    Young people will almost always have access to new and useful information we may not.

  • What about those of us who are older who were never given that chance when we were young?

    We finally have a real opportunity and its our time to step aside?

    Cool, cool, so the Boomers never let us have a chance at anything and now that they are all finally fucking dying, the next generation is like “we know you never actually got a chance but get the fuck out our way.”

    That being said, there’s plenty of smart and capable youth out there who deserve a chance, it just stinks to be part of a lost generation that never got one.

  • I’m more curious as to how many contractors work for Valve.

    Just because they aren’t a direct employee doesn’t mean other people don’t work for Valve. They don’t seem to have “janitorial” or anything like it on there, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume like almost all US companies, that they contract out a lot of the “bitch work” so they don’t have to pay “regular people” well or let them be part of that “flat management” structure. Someone cleans up those offices, and it probably isn’t the devs or anyone directly employed by Valve.

    It’s easy to act like your profits per employee are insane when half your employees are actually “contractors” and don’t count toward your employee numbers somehow.

    EDIT: According to Glassdoor, they absolutely use contract work, so these numbers are a farce. So much for Valve being the perfect good guys or whatever… Good guys don’t use contract labor as a way to pay people less than they’re worth.