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  • No, that’s not really how it works. They are still “conventional” viruses and the immune system is as good or as bad against them as against others. They still need to infect to be successful themselves and that chance is definitely lower.

    Chance of infection is a bit of a binary choice, they cannot just infect a cell in your body “a little bit”. They are either adapted or not. Now if they manage to jump into an animal that is close to what they originally infected, then mutate enough within those animals to get close to infecting a human, then we might have a problem on our hands. But as I said, we already have that with e.g. the bird flu.

  • Ah, you cloned the wrong resistance gene again…

    I fondly remember my times cloning vectors… Not. My favourite was a multistep cloning and digesting protocol that I meticulously planned. It obviously failed numerous times. I got it right on the first try just making blunt ends and hoping it goes in correctly.