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  • 1,128 total asylum applications is such a small number its hard to read into it very much. That said, with Russia being the largest source of accepted asylum seekers from the United States, I somehow doubt it’s for religious or gender identity reasons, but rather likely political. Also, presenting Satanism as somehow being persecuted seems like a bit of a stretch. It’s like the Westboro Baptist Church abusing laws to antagonize or prove a point, and then complaining when people don’t like them. Satanism exists in a similar space, in opposition and antagonizing Christianity. Claiming persecution to the point where you are in danger and therefore a legitimate asylum seeker smells a lot like a persecution complex or abusing a mechanism to try to prove a point, which is pretty much on brand for the Satanic Temple.

  • Someone hollered “shooter down”, then Trump got up from under the pile of secret service agents. Under those circumstances it doesn’t seem that strange for the crowd to be a little pumped up. But yes, these situations usually take a few days to settle and for the facts to come out. Rumor mills and conspiracy theory engines are going to be in overdrive meanwhile.