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  • Yeah, afaik in the civilised non-privatised world that is one and the same (and can’t formally be two things).

    If you want to vote a party leader (which person has nothing directly to do with public elections, he or she my not even run for any public position), you register with them (they don’t have access to any central government citizens database after all, so they need to know who you are). But a party leader (and such) is just admin & strategy role, maybe branding.

    If someone from the party (leader or not) runs for parlament or whatever, he or she can be affiliated with aparty (or not, even if a member), but in actual elections party-member votes are exactly as valuable as non-party (or any-party) members.
    Which seems only democratic.
    It helps towards the problem of “10 people deciding who the runners you can viably choose from are”.

    Also you don’t register to vote, but that’s seems like a separate yet related issue.

  • That was not what I was trying to say at all. Where did you get that impression?

    I was replying directly to:

    It could even be an issue where you live at the height of summer.

    I was just replying what is and will be happening hereb locally, since you kinda asked/brought up the possibility.
    (And yes, during severe storms helicopters can’t fly either)

    But high temperatures are not the worst of climate change, not even close - it’s the biohabitat loss & all the hydro changes (precipitation, reservoirs, running water, ice and snow coverage, etc).

    A lot more people will die (are dying) bcs of lack of clan water (that there was once in abundance), bcs of the diminished agricultural production in their region, and bcs of wars resulting in all those people moving en masse to better regions for pure survival (and wealthy nations will block their entry by force).

    Ofc its horrible when someone can’t get to the hospital in a timely manner, but it’s a lot worse if there isn’t a hospital to go to.

    And no, I wasn’t sure why would you even bring it up in such a way:

    Death Valley is not going to be the only place where this is an issue

    I am aware of climate change. I am aware it’s not happening just is one valley. Why would I think that?

  • The climate change & weather models didn’t change all that much in the last 70 years, they just became way more precise & can predict changes very locally (more input data and better computers).
    Insurance companies use grids of a few 100km.

    My region is getting periods of more serve precipitation (with hailstorm increase) & more severe droughts (as in 3 to 4 weeks at a time), bcs of that some areas could become more prone to land/mudslides.

    Temperature wise both summer and winter extremes are gonna get higher, but being and more importantly straying between fronts/systems should help ease things, a bit.

    But most importantly, I do not have a habit of traveling by helicopters, tho medical transports will suffer, yes.

  • It should be getting updates and it’s in LAN, the exploits would have to be fairly specific.

    But I have indeed not checked on it for years. Proxmox has made me lazy af.
    I could VPN there now via phone & check it (if I even enabled SSH), or just shut it down (threy have AdGuard as backup sinkhole), but that sounds like work.