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Probably because there are not many users so there isn’t the need for many different rules or specific ones

Idk why there is a 6 post limit in the first place

that’s not how you fight spam, lemmy needs users and We should not “scare” them. Limiting threads just de-incentivize people to remain here

Also if you’re at University you share the same IP with many people, I know that lemmy isn’t that popular but isn’t the good mindset for fighting spam

the vast majority of people believe there is a “uyghur genocide”

Well…unfortunately there is Also I didn’t see a lot of users brainwashed by China and the topics are about tech and privacy, without political leaning

Idk I have the problem that I remember I have also a lemmy account, only when I get banned on reddit

they’re limiting also TOR exit nodes it’s insane how they want the complete device fingerprint

I’m on TOR and I’m having the same issues

But sometimes trolls are funny to read lul

Now imagine that Fifa points are more profitable than crypto

It looks like a meme

UK is going to be an off-shore platform for China, now that they are not in EU Expect a lot of Chinese acquisitions in the next years

I admit I didn’t clicked the article, but can’t you do that with supergrub live iso

2013 was the year of GTA 5, just to give context of the graphic

Cyberpunk leaked alpha gameplay
Article: [](

Google photos officially gone!
Gphotos was the one service I couldn't substitute, now it seems that google sabotaged itself by making me abandoning gphotos lol At least I can also run only debian, since there is no point on using windows with google drive sync.

It’s still something not sure, maybe 1 month you get a lot the next month less. I mean you don’t have financial security of a fixed payment that lets you to plan future and maybe travels.

I think I can’t never be comfortable receiving this kind of “salary”. Almost like influencer/streamer careeer, it’s not sure you earn every month the same and if the platform changes things you take big consequences.

Is this an AMA(kinda)?

How do you buy groceries now?

If you read that discussion as aggressive, you should close all social network accounts lol

For instances i just DDgo-ed “lemmy instances”, but I still didn’t create another account for them

I always hide votes and on lemmy you can do that in the native settings instead of using uBlock to filter the CSS. Also with mobile app (from Fdroid) you can hide votes easily.

I recommend to hide votes in every social/forum, if you can’t do it natively as lemmy uBlock will do that.

Nice idea, but there’s a privacy problem: not everyone wants to let people know where they live. Unless it’s ok to use a throw account and delete it after some days.

Shootout to generate awareness of lemmy, outside lemmy
I got the idea of this thread because of [this comment]( I know it's kinda depressing seeing all this empty communities, but I think the problem is that it's still all concentrated around privacy and tech. To create awareness of lemmy We should create more "casual" communities and share those threads outside. *As I already pointed out in the linked comment, I'll not dislike some [cat tax](*