Google Duo and Messages might stop working on uncertified phones soon

Duo and Google Messages are among the best communication apps Google has ever released, so it’s no surprise that they’re incredibly popular even among

It’s becoming quite a problem now with WhatsApp already discontinuing support for older phones, Google getting ready to enforce its rule around “uncertified phones”, and Apple limiting iMessage only to Apple devices. Certainly looks like it is better to just adopt something that works across all devices no matter what age.

Signal, XMPP, Telegram (secret chats) and others all work across everything and with full end-to-end encryption. Even XMPP that has been around for many many years has got OpenPGP, OMEMO or OTR chat capabilities. When did you last year of any government blocking XMPP chat?

It’s really time consumers put their choices towards services that support all users broadly.


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Let’s not forget Matrix. Seems as ready to go as anything else.

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