Hi all, Still trying to get my head around the way different projects work together in the fediverse. I’m interested in setting a regional instance for peertube, pixelfed and mastodon. If my domain is example.com, I’m thinking of having peertube.example.com, pixelfed.example.com and mastodon.example.com

However, does that mean that a user will need to register separately for all 3? Or is there a way to have 1 account and use the same access for peertube, pixelfed and mastodon that are on the same domain (but different subdomains)


You could setup external authentification such as LDAP which handles accounts for all services in a single place. But I dont know how hard it is to setup, and if all the projects you mention support it (Lemmy doesnt have it yet).

Relevant section in the Peertube docs


thanks. I had hoped there was a “plug and play” solution. I think I’ll keep it separate


Think about this carefully. Sure technically that is possible, but it is a lot of maintenance effort and will confuse users a lot, as accounts/websites are still functionally separate, yet also interact.

I personally think it is better to consider your target audience needs and focus on one type of service only.


Why would it confuse users unless you started linking things between services in unexpected ways?

I run a pile of different sites as subdomains of isurf.ca - hasn’t been an issue yet.


thanks, good points


That’s a good question and something I wish to delve in to a little further myself. I was just going over all the plugins available in peertube yesterday, and it has authentication plugins for LDAP, OAuth, and others. I can’t speak for Pixelfed’s abilities, but perhaps it would be possible to authenticate on the other services from whichever you wanted to be the ‘master’ service.

I haven’t tried, yet, but I think at some point I’m going to tinker with it.

For example, I have a pleroma instance at yo.isurf.ca and if I were to open up my peertube instance at video.isurf.ca to the public, it would be fantastic to have it authenticate against pleroma.

Maybe LDAP’s the way to go, though… I really look forward to hearing more on this topic.

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