NLNet funding for lemmur

Lemmur is receiving funding from NLNet foundation 🎉. Thanks to it we will be able to work on a set of features that will greatly improve lemmur. The full amount is €10000.

Below are all the features with the payout amounts. It’s important to note that the order is arbitrary and not reflective of the order in which we will do them.


1. Onboarding (#35)

Creating an onboarding experience for new users. Will help users new to the Fediverse as well those that are familiar with it to get started with Lemmy.

  • The Fediverse and Lemmy is explained to a new user
  • A list of curated instances is presented so that they can be added
  • User can log in or stay anonymous

Amount: €400

2. Drafts (#262)

Saving comment/post drafts that can be restored at a later time.

  • When a comment is left unfinished it is saved as a draft and can be restored later
  • When a post is left unfinished it is saved as a draft and can be restored later

Amount: €800

3. Theming system (#178)

Customizable, personal theming that can be shared with others.

  • An interface where many visual aspects of lemmur can be changed
  • A theme can be exported to a portable file
  • A previously exported theme can be imported

Amount: €1400

4. Live updates (#279)

Live updates through WebSockets in chosen places.

  • New comments on a post appear automatically
  • Comment/post scores are automatically updated
  • In-app notifications

Amount: €1200

5. Caching (#280)

  • Instance pages are cached
  • Community pages are cached
  • User profiles are cached
  • Posts are cached
  • Sorting of community/instance/comment section is cached

Amount: €1100

6. Internationalization (#49)

Translate the app into other languages.

  • Strings are hosted on a site where people can contribute translations
  • Lemmur uses translations instead of hardcoded strings

Amount: €1000

7. Markdown editor (#281)

Creating a more interactive markdown editor for comments/posts.

  • Bold, italic, headings, images, links are insertable with a button
  • Communities can be tagged using an autocomplete
  • Users can be tagged using an autocomplete

Amount: €1200

8. Customization (#292)

Expand customization with new comment and post styles, and more user choice relating to the look of the app.

  • User has 2 post styles to choose from: compact and card
  • Comments have the following customization options:
    1. 2 indent styles: lines and bars
    2. 2 button styles: hidden and always visible
    3. swipe gestures assignable to user-chosen action
  • User can turn on or off post trimming and select how many lines should be trimmed
  • User can select default comment sorting
  • User can select default inbox sorting
  • User can choose whether to use raw username instead or display name
  • User can choose whether to use raw community name or display name

Amount: €800

9. Better UX (#282)

Various UX improvements to enhance the experience.

  • When in the home tab, tapping the home tab icon should bring the user to the top
  • When in the search tab, tapping the search tab icon should bring up the keyboard
  • Community picker has autocomplete when creating a post
  • Custom feeds can be created, similar to multireddits but expanded to include search terms and users
  • Comments can be focused and threads can be followed in a new view

Amount: €1100

10. Topic following (#283)

Ability to follow a topic or a keyword.

  • User is able to subscribe to a topic
  • Notification interval can be chosen

Amount: €600

11. Sharing (#106)

Ability to share images and links to lemmur.

  • User is able to share an image or a link to lemmur and include it in a post
  • User is able to share a link to lemmur and open it as a Lemmy instance.

Amount: €400


Nice! This is great news. Major props to NlNet for supporting yall. Let us know if there’s anything we can do on the back end to make any of these easier.

Congratulations! If you are interested to use our weblate for translations, let me know.

shilangyu (lemmur)






Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉


Badass, congratulations. Super excited to see where this goes!



Wonderful news! Congrats! 🎉


Congratulations for this achievement! Well deserved! Looking forward to see the new improvements in Lemmur 🎉

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