This Friday, 09/29/09, el Feo, content creator of the YouTube channel La Filmoteca Maldita, was arrested for illegal distribution of copyrighted material.

Zoowoman is not another piracy site, it is a platform that serves to preserve films that are almost impossible to obtain by any other means. Since those who have the rights to these films do not distribute them because it is not profitable for them, but they prefer to keep them and lose them in oblivion, before someone sees them for free.

This is an outrage to culture, as El Feo says: "Cinema is ours!

Is there a forum/contact to get in touch with these folks? Can we wire money somewhere for the person in jail?

I am not from Spain so I don’t have much contact with Spaniards, but I am in a Spaniard Matrix room, I could ask there if there’s any kind of place where one can give monetary support.

So where’s the archive of that site? 😃

It doesn’t exist. IMO he should have distributed the source code of the website a la Church of Kopimi.

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