The Trudeau era continues — for now | CBC News
It's not a majority. It might not even be a stronger minority. It could, in fact, end up being an election that produces a House of Commons nearly identical to the one that was dissolved five weeks ago. But it's a win for Justin Trudeau — which, for him, at least beats the alternative.

I was actually surprised that there was a Marxist Leninist running in my election district. Voted for him yesterday for all the good that probably didn’t do.


I’m not sure I like my riding. Staunch conservative voters. PPC got more votes than Greens, which I find pretty deplorable.


Mine has reelected the same person (Conservative) for as long as I have lived here.

Cons here too. It’s been Con since the riding was created, but the sadder thing is that it’s actually getting close here to marginal change (mainly just due to changing demographics – urbanization). Last federal election was within around 2000 votes. I think Libs could have had it, but as far as I could see they put in very little effort until the last days, and although the race tightened up in the last week, they lost by more this time than last time. This despite the PPC doing embarrassingly well also. Didn’t help that the candidate the Libs dropped in was a former candidate for mayor, who in that race opposed a lot progressive issues, but despite being seemingly mysteriously well financed thankfully lost that race against the incredibly boring establishment incumbent.

I had to hold my nose pretty hard while strategically voting for this guy, just hoping against hope for a Con upset. Oh well. None of the candidates for any party here were actually interesting to me. So at least I don’t have to feel bad for not voting for a person I actually liked. Is that a bright side?


Nice. I wanted to vote for the Rhinoseros Party but they didn’t have a candidate in my riding this time. Also no communists or MLs ran in my riding this time either.

What’s going on in Canada?

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