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Use this space to update everyone on your progress so far. Is something going particularly well? Is there something you would like help or advice on? Share anything and everything you would like to about your project!

So this week I want to buy all the things for my shield, with an aim to do a lot of assembly work next weekend since I am taking some time off. My purchases so far:

  • Plywood sheet, 15/32 in by 4 ft by 4 ft, sanded
  • Cheap corded jigsaw
  • Nicer jigsaw blades, I went for some for finer cutting
  • 1x2 board, my local big box store accidentally charged me $40 for this and I had to go back and complain
  • Variety pack of sandpaper
  • Boiled linseed oil, to finish the handle
  • Wood chisel set, to shape the handle
  • Wood glue, to attach the handle maybe and also the linen facing
  • 1 yard of linen to face the front
  • Red, green, and black paints to paint the front
  • A paint brush set since I only had some detail brushes before
  • Some primer to help my paint stick
  • Some 1.5 in nails to attach the handle and the boss
  • Some 0.5 in tacks, to attach the rawhide edging and maybe also the carrying strap

You can see a mandatory haul photo of my purchases here. I still need a few more items:

  • A rawhide bone from a pet store, to soak in water and pull apart to make the edging
  • A leather strip to make into a carrying strap, might end up being pleather. Local big box craft store only had some pretty flimsy pleather straps and some more substantial woven straps, so might look online for this.
  • A metal mixing bowl to serve as the boss. This is tricky because I want something that is as hemispherical as possible, something which does not have rubber on the bottom to help it grip, and something that has a rim that I can use to attach it to the face. I think I saw something online that I can pick up at a fancier kitchen store near me though.

Overall good progress, I think I will have a time to get or at least shop for the rest in the next day or two. I also noticed that my neighbors down the alley have some sawhorses in their carport, so I might knock on their door and ask to borrow them. They look kinda old, but they are definitely going to be easier (and safer) than whatever else I might be able to come up with.

I am also participating in a parallel Make Something Month over on Tildes, if you want to check it out.

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