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That won’t work, succession is automatic

When the Queen dies, I’m fairly certain it is already decided that Prince Charles will succeed her.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ca/post/21914 > A leak of the newest industry PR offensive reveals an effort to steer attention away from pollution and toward the “potential” of carbon capture

As Canada’s coat of arms turns 100, some say it’s time for a redesign that acknowledges Indigenous people | CBC News
I would definitely like to see more incorporation of indigenous culture/heritage in our symbols.

No worries, it’s correct

I recall something similar but for books, maybe they have support got movies too?

Lichess.org – A free, adless Chess server
Lichess.org – A free, adless Chess server

That is saying the ‘of’ isn’t required, which I agree with, not that the ‘off’ isn’t.

e.g. ‘off your data’ is right; ‘off of your data’ is right, but the ‘of’ isn’t needed; but ‘of your data’ – which they wrote in the poster – is wrong.

doesn’t profit of your data

Shouldn’t this have been ‘off of your data’?

Yukon-based WW II veteran, 98, awarded French Legion of Honour | CBC News
archive.is is used since cbc links won't post

One thing I would definitely like is to have outside links open in a new tab.

Could the community’s icon be updated?
It is all squished and doesn't look good.

Mine has reelected the same person (Conservative) for as long as I have lived here.

It’s for making it so you can right click on sites that grab it and replace it with their own shit. Or if they block it.

iirc you can shift click and get the same effect

doesn’t really help in enhancing user privacy and security.

It does help with security, since you can trust the query wasn’t tampered with.

Huh, I could have sworn I saw a blog post a while back about how they stopped respecting robots.txt

and the way its engine is circumventing the robot.txt rules isn’t privacy friendly in my opinion

I’m fairly certain archive.org does this too.

Source: https://old.reddit.com/r/ontario/comments/p747lq/in_case_anyone_wants_to_send_back_a_letter_to/

Learn about IPFS
https://voussoir.net/writing/ipfs_misconceptions https://docs.ipfs.io Comment with more reasources

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