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That won’t work, succession is automatic

When the Queen dies, I’m fairly certain it is already decided that Prince Charles will succeed her.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ca/post/21914 > A leak of the newest industry PR offensive reveals an effort to steer attention away from pollution and toward the “potential” of carbon capture

Please post news articles about Canada in /c/canada, this community is for discussing lemmy.ca

As Canada's coat of arms turns 100, some say it's time for a redesign that acknowledges Indigenous people | CBC News
I would definitely like to see more incorporation of indigenous culture/heritage in our symbols.

No worries, it’s correct

I recall something similar but for books, maybe they have support got movies too?

That is saying the ‘of’ isn’t required, which I agree with, not that the ‘off’ isn’t.

e.g. ‘off your data’ is right; ‘off of your data’ is right, but the ‘of’ isn’t needed; but ‘of your data’ – which they wrote in the poster – is wrong.

doesn’t profit of your data

Shouldn’t this have been ‘off of your data’?

One thing I would definitely like is to have outside links open in a new tab.