I’ve seen like 2 in my life and thought the persons built it themself.

I live in a small city in the Basque Country / Spain (Iruña / Pamplona) and we literally have an ebike rental system supported by the city council. And many close cities have one (plus several private rental networks).

Like, most sports and bicicle shops have ebikes now. They have been standard for 5 years at least.

I seriously love not living in the USA

If heard if them but only seen them a few times. Seems like a city thing. The electric scooter/bike rental things took off a few years ago thats when i first heard about them. I think a lot if thise went out of business because people just threw them in the river


there are ebike rentals now too? :O


Not to blow your mind too hard but there’s also e-scooter rentals too :p

They are a scourge in my city because you can just take em and bring it back whenever since they are GPS tracked and they have your card info. Weekends with the students are a little hectic.

E-scooters should really be treated like bikes. But unlike bikes, it’s even scarier to ride a scooter in the street without good infrastructure.

I hate how most people ride e-scooters but they often don’t have their own place on the street.

It’s great for travel because even if there are facilities for bikes, an ebike can easily be over the limit. I just squeak under Amtrak’s 50 pound limit if I yank the battery, but my husband’s bike is well over. When we last traveled, he just rented an ebike there.


Weight limits? Like for planes?

Most airplanes will not accept ebikes due to the danger posed by the large lithium battery. Trains are more lax in the US. The 50 lb limit is the generic luggage limit, though bikes have racks in the luggage car.

Fuck Cars and everything that is and has been designed around and for cars over people.

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