What are some things that you enjoy or dislike about the Fediverse so far.

  • OtterA
    24 months ago

    Yes, for things that are focussed on the individual (microblogging Mastodon, photo sharing Pixelfed) or anonymous (threadiverse Lemmy/Kbin)

    It will take much longer for things that are more about your direct community or for family members. That’s not really a Fediverse thing, I don’t think a new Facebook could take off easily either. It’s really difficult to get grandma to learn something new, and in some countries Facebook IS the internet (because of shady dealings and anticompetitive practices)

    • SamXaviaOP
      14 months ago

      @otter The hope would be more towards existing platforms adapting for the Fediverse at that rate, Tumblr already want’s to move across to the Fediverse what helps some people join the fun but META’s Threads is also a step into the Fediverse and if that does well maybe they will add Instagram and Facebook into the mix as well allowing Grandma to still see people’s posts even if you don’t want to be on Facebook itself.