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Peel out
Slvr Docking hamster inception; blake trailer neo vs cinder chesire fight scenes bowhunter security vs brick tigress, bowhunter security fight Spectre cinematic; tales of rwby vs mech tales of rwby yang fight club velvet vs mech

Chill; basically voice only: false swipe gaming, mango seven, eileo if negative; adel aka mostly voice only; austin john plays, pkmn master holly, the pylon show entertaining; needlemouse production The Kavernacle; isaac arthur

tags; entertainment Railroad Tycoon 2 and 3. It has a pretty detailed financial system with dividends, bonds, economic cycles, short selling, margin buying, chairman elections, mergers, and competing investors and tycoons with decent ai. I’d give the edge to RT2 if stocks are your thing. I feel like the ai is a little sharper and the ui is a lot more interesting than RT3, though it is essentially the same system in both. X3: Albion Prelude has a functioning stock market in there. I made some good cash with SETA on that. --- mogawty --- rendermax - gameplay only channel, has trailers? --- lowest percent [video game fun facts, ~13 min vids] --- dish [female] --- KwingsLetsPlays -- The orpheon - metroid in depth blog lets play channel; -- gameranx -- tectone -- dray86 - maple kombat x -- lightitupdan - games, mmorpg mobile games -- nathan likes chicken - pokemon strategy guides -- absol blogs -- Game Maker's Toolkit --- vice entertainment --- jaiden animations --- moxie2D --- smallant --- pointcrow

Creators don't like
BeastyqtSC2 - seems awfully defensive --- eruption fang - negative ---- popularMMOs – loud. watch at volume set to 1 irl vids; ---- prestonPlayz - loud. watch at volume set to 0.25 Bro you wack – loud, slightly negative --- Hero Hei - negative ---- Alpharad - negative, creates strong hungry ghost, refers to religion at times Josniffy - refers to religion at times too. Doesn't have a yt channel with vids on^ ^all uploads in a playlist alpharad delux; all uploads in playlist; --- altrive plus ----- vexed viewer - negative ----- Stylosa/unitlost - often complaining about overwatch, but genuine negative is low. Never watch over analyzed, he's v neg there. On^ For entertainment to watch rather than listen; on 22;41 ----- muselk - unskippable ads. gets stressed when playing fortnite, not good volume controls. loud. watch at volume set to 1. --- Lunch Club - loud, similar humor to presonplayz's screaming style --- tana mongeau - ads, spams voice changer sometms --- azzyland - ads, spams voice changer sometms, spams distasteful face filter smtms, clickbait --- SSSniperWolf - azzyland but louder (volume is semi controlled, set volume to 1) --- mmobyte - badly spoken for a youtuber ('like evy south korean mmo', 'i dont read korean' (insinuating he speaks korean - v unlikely), fake enthusiasm obvious/easily impressed), ads 9m46s on^ he has a mobile version too --- Ding dong - pkmn rom hacks - loud bursts. nucklocke enjoyer, alt chapter; on^ --- gopher - negative voice smtms


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