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it’s a result of a combination of absence of preexisting internet infrastructure providers’ monopoly and poor population… unexpectedly combined with a lack of net neutrality 🤷‍♀️

hmmm, i wonder where and at what point kids who will later become adults acquire anti lgbt sentiment 🤔🤔🤔

uuh, hello there, homosexual, unfortunately your existence has not yet been deemed profitable in these countries, please wait until homosexuality is accepted by the majority of the population in your country for these apps to become available 🤗😎

probably one of the very few contexts where using this soul-less corporate artstyle is acceptable 😉

i have to admit, this is pretty creative: a self perpetuating/promoting website

iirc they still haven’t undergone a security audit on that, and they’re obviously focused on security, given their target audience…


i’m always jealous from seeing all the cool UI and internal changes on /r/firefox that android gets, while ff on ios has always been meh to say the least

people complaining about bad UI on desktop? checkout ios version of firefox ☹️😎

their april’s fools “you have exceeded your daily text copy limit” may not be that off after all ☹️


now when some company will have an actual bug or human error that causes some bad shit, nobody is ever going to believe them

they are actually pretty chill if you don’t provoke them 😉

just my 2 cents, i know the thread isn’t really about this

I don’t know if the developers hosting any instance which is naturally seen as the ‘main’ or ‘official’ one is actually a good idea since they need to moderate it instead of making the software better. Not to say they shouldn’t, but…

this is very much like the reference implementation vs reference spec debate, that has yet to reach its resolution, but in any case, it would be a little silly for like 13 people in the beginning to try to organically scatter and decentralize among many instances, and it’s natural that given the number of users on lemmy how centralization would occur in one form or another in the early stages

having a main-ish instance in the beginning was also important for community <-> developer interaction (outside of matrix chat, which is unsuitable for certain forms of discussions)

I don’t know what the solution could be. Banning all users who don’t agree with others seems excessive. Hosting the development somewhere else than a subdomain of the dev-run main instance may mitigate this a little. Not having a flagship instance may mitigate it, too. Maybe separating moderation from administration? Appointing more moderators?

we may close sign ups for main instances in the future to encourage decentralization

not something terribly unexpected, people will literally believe anything that will validate their shitty habits smh 🤷‍♀️

the report, timed to the 35th year since the Chernobyl nuclear reaction accident, contains a lot of interesting previously unknown information …

What's your favorite software for generating fake identities?

i needed one for filling out required info on some stupid account: things like address, phone number, name etc… …

Has anyone else noticed how fruits and vegetables have been getting consistently worse over time?

we have a small community garden in which we grow some fruits and vegetables in the summer, including tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, apples etc, some of these plant species are many decades old and they taste amazing …