(He/him) I’m a socialist/Marxist amateur writer. I like cats, foxes, science fiction, science fantasy, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Message me for my roleplay ideas!

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It’s @nutomic@lemmy.ml’s instance. I believe he has notified for quite a while now that he’s working on Lemmy mostly these days and no longer has time for the Peertube instance.

I like foxes because they’re cute, clever, and adaptable.

The most powerful Western countries have and still do resort to censorship to keep their ideas popular. The Red Scare for example, which technically never ended since communist parties are still likely illegal in the US (“likely” because the law is ambiguous but I can’t imagine the courts will just say it’s fine if it ever went to a hearing). Communist parties have also recently been banned in Germany and Poland.

You underestimate how much anti-left propaganda the West pumps out

Companies will block it because they’re actually the ones that run the country. Just you wait.

Doesn’t DuckDuckGo use Bing at least partially? It’s probably something to do with Microsoft’s AI-based search ranker.

Nothing of value was lost with Facebook. Not sure about Telegram but if they need to stop western propaganda from ruining their country, it is what it is.

Just because two platforms use the same protocol doesn’t necessarily mean they federate with each other. They need to be able to understand each other.

Oversimplified: basically if you create a derivative work of a copyleft IP (like changing it or including it in a different project), then you also have to release your derivative under the same or a compatible license that is also copyleft.

You can read more about it on Wikipedia

Basically he knows he’s a piece of shit but doesn’t want anyone else to know.

Not just open source, strongly copyleft ensuring that anyone who improves on the code benefits the community as a whole.

What outlaw persona? He was straight up a criminal and a scam artist, no persona about it.

25M, or any dollar amount, is not enough for the victim and those who knew them. WTF is with psychopaths being told to just pay money?

Could this sound information be captured on a camera? If so, then all the videos of cities at night might actually contain people’s private conservation’s in their homes, waiting to be decoded.

It’s just talking about the PinePhone? I was excited because I thought another competitor came in.

I know that a lot of people don’t think very highly of songs tied to some other media franchise, and think even less of fan-made works for that franchise, but I really like these songs, and Blixemi’s a really talented amateur singer songwriter. …

This picture isn’t mine BTW. I don’t have an Apple Watch and never want to buy one. …

What piece of media gave you goosebumps?

I’m not talking about something scary, but rather, a piece of media that was so powerful or resonated with you so much that it gave you that goosebumps and chills effect…

My post isn't getting pushed to other instances

I made this post from lemmy.ml to a community on lemmygrad.ml, but I noticed that while it shows up when I load the community from lemmy, it doesn’t show up on lemmygrad. I checked the modlogs on lemmygrad, and there’s no record of the post being removed or me being ba…

What do you think of the show Futurama?

It’s my “guilty pleasure” show to watch whenever I’m bored, and I’m curious what people here think of it. Especially, what do other leftists think of it? To me it doesn’t feel leftist at all, but occasionally you’ll get some based stuff in the /r/futurama subreddit, which makes me think that at leas…

How does /e/OS compare to LineageOS?

I’m most used to LineageOS but I keep hearing people on Reddit /r/privacy say it has privacy problems, while other people here recommend /e/OS as a good alternative. Assuming I don’t install gapps (Google apps) on either or I use MicroG, how do they compare in terms of privacy? Which one is more pri…

Has anyone here read Warrior Cats?

I’ve recently been getting into Warrior Cats (or simply Warriors) by Erin Hunter as an adult, and I’m at least liking the first series. Has anyone here also read them? How did you like them? …