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Sounds like an overheating problem. I guess thermal throttling isn’t working well enough. Do you have active cooling on it?

It might be that the SoC itself is staying cool enough, but the RAM chips are over-heating. Quite often they do not have passive coolers on them and it might be worth retrofitting those.

Edit: Looks like the HC2 has sufficient passive cooling. Does the heat-sink get very hot as well when you run it like that? If not that much, maybe it is necessary to replace the thermal glue / paste that connects it to the SoC and RAM chips.

Super paranoid about it, so it never happened to me ;)

Seems pretty interesting. It is a platform to easily create custom workflow apps, apparently with the public sector as the primary target? …

Hmm, I think you misunderstood. I am a KDE user and apprechiate that basic desktop functionality comes build in with it, while on GNOME it seems previously available desktop features continue to be removed and most GNOME users depend on 3rd party extensions to make GNONE a functional desktop again.

Sorry for being a GNOME hater, but I find it really telling that every GNOME user seems to be dependant on a list of extensions to get even basic desktop functionality ;)

Ubuntu (but on 20.04 you need to add an external ppa to get the latest OpenZFS2.x) and FreeBSD based stuff like TrueNAS Core.

Not yet, as I wrote I am waiting for the next release of WriteFreely. According to the github milestone it is due tomorrow, but I think it will take a bit longer.

I have been thinking about something simlar for Sci-Fi short stories: https://lemmy.ml/post/50446

Your “talent agency” seems more like a webring, but I guess any PR would help :)

I tried that before and it seems to work on some models, but not on others. No idea why, but out of the three models I tried it worked on two, but not the third.

In regards to speed, I have really only read bad things about btrfs, but because of that I never tried it.

Personally I fell in love with the new special drive introduced in OpenZFS 2.0. Basically it allows putting all the metadata and small files on a SSD, while automatically handing off larger files to a HDD array. Makes most operations super fast and you don’t need to invest in huge SSDs either.

A build in RSS post bot would be nice. Maybe with an option to not federate posts made by it. This would allow linking Lemmy more easily to an existing website and also do somethink like a blog aggregator (planet).

Depending on what you need there is actually a long running open-source professional radio station (as in real FM radio, but also internet streaming) software called Airtime.

The original company developing it dropped support a while ago, but a fork called Libretime lives on.

Probably overkill for running an internet stream though.

Oragono is probably the easiest and nicest way to run a modern IRC server these days, highly recommended…

How’s the input latency to the main screen only? It seems like it mainly lags on the tablet screen.

Other countries internet usage often differs a lot. Japaneses for example often have their own Japanese language platforms and in many African countries it basically boils down to internet = Facebook (as Facebook made a deal with mobile ISPs to have Facebook access not count towards the data-cap).

True, but even if your are not in it for commercial gain you are still kind of competing for users as any social media will be judged by users according to its relative number of users (sadly).

This is a bit of a catch-22 situation, isn’t it? In the end there is a sort of evolution like competition between between different social media offerings, and the less addictive ones tend to go the way of the dodo precisely because they are less addictive.

I think the problem can only be solved at a personal level. Addictions are in nearly all cases a counter-productive problem or stress management technique. So you need to break the vicious cycle first and then the addictive qualities of social media become mostly irrelevant.

The LoraWan stuff sounds pretty exciting. This could finally bring long range wireless tinkering to the nerd masses ;)

A sefhosted network of cdn servers would be cool though. Basically a more generalized webtorrent.

https://ipfs.io/ kinda works like a CDN, but it is probably not what you are looking for.

I think there was some open source javascript based CDN software, but I forgot the name. Sorry.

I don’t think there really is a choice of everything seperate, as it still ends up being a platform with everything either Intel or AMD based.

For laptops there just doesn’t seem to be a feasible way to take various off the shelves parts and combine them.

Maybe here and there you can supplement a SoC with some additional features but input output lanes are often limited and/or you end up with a secondary SoC like in the case of the PinePhone’s modem.

Pretty awesome news, and a lot of cool open-source projects seem to benefit from these EU grants lately :)…

A bit sad that many people only consider open-source replacement engines for (old) commercial games worth their time and mostly gloss over the many high quality original games that are developed under open-source licenses.

A device (Jolla Phone) was already shipped to an experienced developer and she started working on the goals. More updates here. …

We are releasing Lyra as a beta version today because we wanted to enable developers and get feedback as soon as possible. As a result, we expect the API and bitstream to change as it is developed. All of the code for running Lyra is open sourced under the Apache license, except for a math kernel,…

Editing titles as community moderator?

Probably on the ToDo, but it would be really nice if a community moderator could edit post titles if they are clickbait or otherwise insufficient…

GuildBit is a Python application to offer temporary virtual Mumble voice chat servers to users. Guildbit depends on murmur-rest API backend to interface with the virtual Mumble servers. …

Seems like a cool new project…