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I think Local Storage isn’t meant to be read server side, but that’s an easy line to cross if you’re determined.

Saving settings on a page you don’t sign into (though you could make your app use local storage for this instead)

I’m not alarmed, but I am completely uninterested. I don’t think whatever they offer will be of better value than just playing the games in an emulator, but I’d like to be wrong.

I believe that it is long-past time for the US to implement a proper national ID for all citizens: currently, we use Social Security numbers & cards in place of a proper ID, but Social Security numbers / cards are notoriously insecure. In fact, older Social Security cards used to print “NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION” on the bottom because they are so insecure, but most people used them anyway so they took that off to avoid confusion. According to this US Dept. of Justice report in 2012 and 2014 identity theft affected about 7% of the entire adult population of the United States, the insecurity of Social Security numbers is the leading factor. I expect the annual rate of identity theft in the US is still about 7% per year, it is a major issue. In contrast, I could not find another country that suffers to the same degree as the United States from identity theft, but in Europe (where most countries issue national IDs) identity theft appears to affect far fewer citizens (less than 0.01% per year, but I could not find a study to support that number).

Yes! I know there is some objection to national ID here in the US, but we already use SS as a national ID (and an authentication secret!) when it’s woefully insufficient. The way we use our SS numbers is embarrassing and extremely harmful, but the situation is left to get worse just like our infrastructure because our government is systematically incapable of doing anything besides moving the margins on services and protections here and there.

I can’t think of any restrictions on encryption per se in the US other than the weird rules around exports and rules against breaking encryption for the purposes of bypassing DRM. I can encrypt whatever I want without permission: filesystems, communication channels, you name it. A judge can compel someone to give up encryption keys, but the encryption itself isn’t criminal or even regulated.

Edit: Or just click the US on that page and read their rationale.

I was wondering if Megi was updating this. It’s been a couple of months since I turned my Pinephone on, this is probably a decent way to see how things are progressing.

Then why did I bother getting it!?

And if we have vaccines that alter our DNA then why can’t I be my fursona?! 😡

Using Google and Facebook as oauth providers doesn’t mean sharing anything important with Google or Facebook other than “This user requested authentication for this client (Alovoa).” I wouldn’t use it personally because I minimize my use of these companies as much as possible, but it’s probably fine by most people’s standards in addition to being convenient. Especially since they presumably already have and use their google/facebook accounts.

I’ve used Nextcloud Talk a few times and it’s great. You send a link to the intended participants and it just works.

Don’t SSDs sometimes become read only when the filesystem is corrupted or the SSD is old? The second one might be a myth, I was never sure.

We were using MS Teams and we kept using MS Teams.

I did think the sudden massive adoption of Zoom was very strange. Like you said I had never heard of it before the onset of the pandemic. It seemed to grab a critical mass of attention right when people were looking for a reliable cross platform solution.

I remember when Apple was introducing Facetime they promised that it would work across different platforms, but then it never happened. If they had gone through with that promise it very well could have been where Zoom is right now.

I just looked around to see if they have any plans around this and funnily enough this was just posted hours ago: https://www.cnet.com/news/facetime-on-android-apple-announces-major-upgrades-at-wwdc/

In general I like the proton UI, but I really wish they hadn’t removed the compact layout option.

You can enable it in about:config (for now). It then becomes available and it works, but with language indicating that it isn’t supported.

And are you using Wayland?

I’m so basic; I can’t find themes I like better than Breeze and Breeze Dark. I did recently try the Reactionary theme and to my surprise I found it rather nice to use instead of just nostalgic.

I wish I could make Windows 10 look like this.

I think when you are engaging in a conversation on a public forum it’s more important to keep the conversation readable in the future. I’m not sure I consider comments I post to be “my” data once I’ve shared it with everyone else. I remain the author, but I kiss control of them goodbye once they’re published for others to see.

I wonder if this is significantly different with Servo. Servo isn’t really ready for as far as I can tell, but in a couple years it might be. (If there’s some kind of significant volunteer effort, given Mozilla fired everyone working on it.)

Well root isn’t great for security, it’s true. Someone who is less aware of the potential security problems of having root access probably shouldn’t have it on their primary device. (I don’t tell people what to do with their phones, just my humble suggestion.) You can use a ROM that makes F-Droid a privileged installer, though, which is nice.

It’s in the mod log. Dessalines removed it with the stated reason “No Dave Rubin.”