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What if the intent is not to express “hot” emotions? What if I just want to point someone to a book that happens to use a slur in its title? Or even just a URL to said book (or are URLs with slurs allowed?) Or quote a scottish person?

You assume intent, completely disregarding context. That’s a general problem with superficial slur filters.

I don’t t care what the developers and admins think. I care what they do. And for the most part I think what they do is very, very good.

For the thought police on the other hand, I can’t see what good would come out of what they’re trying to do. Addressing concrete decisions like the slur filter is of course fair game. At least take the time and effort to look into the what and why of actual decisions that have been made before criticizing something.

I don’t think this’ll work for more active subs. Mirroring the content without the votes will flood the community with low quality content, with not enough manpower on this end to filter it by voting. It’ll also spread discussion too thin.

Mirroring it with votes, if possible, would just bring the biases of Reddit over here. Personally I’m here because I want to avoid that. I want quality content, not low-effort easily consumable content with clickbaity titles, screencaps from twitter etc., which is what usually gets upvoted on Reddit. Take /r/chomsky, for example. It’s filled to the brim with superficial crap. I’d love to have /u/vnny’s posts mirrored over here though.

If I just wanted Reddit with more privacy, I’d use an alternative front-end like teddit instead.

It might work for really small, niche subs though, where the amount of content is small enough that it could be handled here as well.

Bitcoin is the worst waste of resources and energy in human history. It is solely used for financial speculation, with no genuine utility. …

a void full of other FOSSheads

Sorry for nitpicking, but how is it a void If it’s full of something?

As for me, I use it FOR the FOSSheads! ;)

Thanks! I just updated OP with a few screenshots and some more information, if that helps.

Old posts from lemmygrad.ml are popping up in my feed

I’m suddenly getting a bunch of months-old posts from lemmygrad.ml in my feed. No idea what’s going on, but perhaps you can figure it out by poking around in the database to see what pops up for my user id. …

Elm is a statically typed purely functional programming language specifically designed for creating web UIs and to be easy to learn. It is very simple, has great documentation and learning resources, actually helpful error messages, and given that you already know HTML and CSS I think it’s by far the quickest and easiest way to get results and keep motivated.

For those who do not already know HTML and CSS, there’s also simple and powerful graphics libraries and other tools that have been used to teach thousands of kids to program and think algebraically, most notably at McMaster University, who’s produced several research papers on using it.

It’s low effort content marketing or spamdexing. Basically, they buy or steal some generic, usually low quality, content and post it on their own site in order to either promote something they’re selling on the site, or as part of a more sophisticated SEO scheme where they try to game search engines to increase the rank of their site through increasing the number of relatively high quality inbound links.

Unfortunately there are no rules against this on lemmy.ml, and there seems to be no interest in combating it in any way, so there’s quite a bit of it here. Some of it is even upvoted because many users don’t read past the headlines. Voting matters very little though, partly because so little is posted here that they get visibility and views anyway, but for spamdexing in partivclar they’re not interested in views, just the links, which remain regardless of votes.

Nice one. I also just suggested in another comment to try to remix the Creative Commons symbol, which looks similar.

Yeah I think the tech-y aspect should be understood as more of an homage to the historical origins of the movement.

Another option could perhaps be to tweak the Creative Commons logo, which is perhaps the most well-known and recognizable symbol in the libre movement. For example, if "CC was instead made into an infinity symbol it would still be fairly recognizable but also more general.

To explain further: A common slogan in the free software movement was “free as in free speech, not free beer.” I think the term “libre” originated from the experiences they had trying to communicate the concept using such an overloaded word.

A more serious proposal, for some artistic person to bring to life perhaps: A common symbol for liberation is the clenched fist. If that could be made more tech-y somehow, it might be pretty representative I think.

How about this?

Sorry, I’ll show myself out…

To save you a click and some fluff, Wine 6 was recently released and includes:

The core Windows DLLs are now built in the Portable Executable (PE) format in Wine 6. Juilliard notes that this will help improve support for certain copy protection schemes, especially those that check that the DLL files on disk are identical to the in-memory contents. There’s also a new mechanism that will connect Unix libraries to PE modules for functions that cannot be handled by the Win32 APIs.

Wine 6.0 also includes experimental support for a Vulkan renderer for WineD3D, which is the translation layer that allows OpenGL to handle Direct3D and DirectDraw API calls. The new backend, which is being developed as an alternative to OpenGL, is still a work in progress and the team notes that it is currently of limited use for many Direct3D 10 and 11 applications.

That said, the release does support several new Direct 3D 11 features and can also recognize more graphics cards.

Could something be done about the lemmy.glasgow.social instance?

It’s just a bunch of bots set up by the admin to post blogspam that literally noone is interested in. For those of us who follow /all it’s very noisy, and seems to be getting worse by the day. …