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Nothing’s changed really, considering discord already has a process logger, I don’t see how it can get much worse.

Instances get shutdown and this leads to nonoperational links.

This is one of the most unfortunate things I’ve seen with the alternative front ends… ppl used to link every video to invidious, and now they’re all broken.

On mobile, it prevents links from being opened in the proper app. There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a video link on Lemmur and having the browser open an invidious instance instead of NewPipe.

Agree with this one too, as I use newpipe. Ideally newpipe would add domains to their redirects, but that could also be impossible to keep up with.

I don’t have a strong opinion either way, cause it should be a community consensus thing. The only thing I am opinionated about, is that lemmy not overwrite links… it should be agnostic about the links that are getting posted to a link aggregator.

After reading this, one idea we could add into lemmy UI to promote better digital well being, is to add a configurable daily site timer that warns you every minute you hit and spend above your chosen time limit. iirc both android and ios have something like that already for app usage.

We also recently added a user setting to hide scores, which is def better for people who want to avoid obsessing over points. that’ll be in the next release.

@nutomic@lemmy.ml is currently working on language tagging for posts and comments. Ideally we’d like to see even single communities have multiple languages in one space. Currently, its mostly language based instances and communities.

We’ve been lucky that our growth has been slow enough that the moderation workload has been manageable, but its gonna be a constant struggle as we scale up. I’m really glad to be part of a community committed to standing against white supremacy and bigotry.

You both are doing a great job BTW, Lemmur keeps getting better and better 👍

This is one thing the community could help us with,sharing lemmy around and growing its userbase and communities. I mainly just want to work on the code, and I’m not too good at sharing lemmy around.

Thx for these, enhancing search is what I’m working on currently.

An expanded image view isn’t a bad idea either.

Agree, just let ppl contribute to whichever one they want.

If it needs to be in the US, digital ocean or linode are pretty cheap. But OVH and hetzner are pry the best overall.

Thanks, I’ll correct these.

The day might come when we can’t buy any home appliance that doesn’t have spyware 😢

We don’t have community or user blocks yet. In the meantime, just set Subscribed as your default view.

I think it’s supported but not turned on by default. At least when I tried conversations recently it was not default in one on ones, and not available at all in group chats.

I linked the github issue describing this, but essentially the link field, which is the main one used by RSS readers, can either go to …

Lemmy Development Update 2021-02-19

@nutomic: …