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Title suggestion: A few great terminal based applications. Or Three great terminal based applications.

“Best Linux apps” suggest that there has been a conclusion on the topic and that the following apps mentioned are the best which does not jive with the actual content of the article.

nnn, aerc, neovim, micro

They don’t have a wiki page, it has been deprecated it to make room and focus for official documentation (clickable for your convenience).

If soldered on, glued and laminated are words your brother likes go for an M1 or whatever else within the thinness race.

I would go for longevity á Framework/Thinkpad type deal. Really salivating over the Framework with it’s 3:2 display but my repairable Thinkpad X230 just won’t break - which is a good thing ;)

edit: also, don’t push your convictions too hard on the guy. Arm, RISC, Linux are all great but he’ll need to get things done at school, not faff about with incompatibility issues. I’d love to have an expantioncard with nvme drive for the Framework with Windows on it.

Really? I have to check that out. Seems like a major oversight on Mozillas behalf or sabotage on Microsofts part if that’s the case during Covid-times :P

There’s suggestions?? I use it to send things I want to read to my ereader (Kobo thing).

After I read the deportation threats I was speechless. Did not think it could get any worse than their previous 2-3 stumbles.

It’s audio editing software for god sakes…

I know how they could sway me to give up a pretty penny. Offer paid hosted alternatives to Google Suite and two-way-file synchronization à Dropbox type thing. FOSS alternatives where I’m not the product. People, even normies are shouting for such services. Their VPN is basically useless as I have a subscription to Mullvad.

I don’t think they have neglected focus on their browser in the slightest nor have little focus on alternative income streams. But something is way off in their ability to assess market needs.

Idk, I like firefox more now than a year ago. I think it has moved forward as to be expected. I mainly use qutebrowser, but when a site does not work properly in qb or it’s a webapp more suited for a traditional browser it’s Firefox for me.

What sites does not function properly in FF and is that really FF’s fault and not the Chromehead-webdevs fault?

I could however, the the poster (sudodnfdashy) have yet to answer if he/she is the author of these listicles on thekarnalblog when asked in previous posts. It would be pointless spending more time on proper critique if he/she is not the author or is and but is not interested in criticism or conversations around the articles as I have offered to share previously.

Edit: there has now been a confirmation that sudodnfdashy is in fact the author and I might just leave criticisms at some point, although when I’ve asked previously it’s not been answered.

Oh my god these listicles and the wording used trigger me…

Void Linux for me. Swaywm, pipewire, scratchpads, waybar, tui applications- yummy stuff.

Use case: procrastination. Maybe one day I’ll learn a language (zig curious) and actually start making things - got so many ideas for TUI applications it’s insane.

As others have pointed out

  • sane base install
  • rolling
  • up-to-date repos
  • fast as lightning package manager
  • runit is a lovely init
  • stable, not “stale”
  • edit: there’s awesome documentation!

Got to say though, Fedora 34 on my wifes laptop is pretty slick. I have a few nitpicks, but nothing major.

Are you the author of these articles? I’m thinking of this article and the one about DEs.

If you are, I might leave more constructive critique than my knees suggest I do.

So much wrong in this article I cringed all the way back to 2010…

I can confirm this being amazing. Got me a 64GB stick this friday, installed ventoy and chucked void, fedora, windows and boot repair disk on it. Freaking magic compared to floppy’s, CDs and separate- or reformatted usb-sticks.

It is cringe, but what is liberal anyhow? Is it not entirely different depending on which side of the pond you reside on? And the point of news being reporting with the goal of delivering truthful news with as little bias as possible. Where each and everyone gets to be the judge on its level of bias - to actually seek out politically skewed “news” on purpose is like putting a blinker hood or covering your ears while someone with an opposing view speaks going “LALALALA!!”*. Or it could also be likened to drinking the Kool-aid. Or maybe going ”Yes mr Salesperson I’ll have your non-stick pans and juice cleansing kit because I like what you say about them”.

Why not just have the one world news community and let the comment section brawl out what bias the articles possess or not?

My lord, the human thought- and keyboard-punching spent on this thing is amazing - as the late great Pink Floyd once said: breath, breath-in the air.

Helloa! I poped open a community for all things Ukulele, come join if small lute-derived instruments with a funny vibe interests you :)…

More Kanban for the people :)

Here’s another one I use: https://github.com/smallhadroncollider/taskell

That’s very interesting, if not just as a trial for a period followed by evaluation?

Idea: Lower the impact for down votes

I made a post on r/ukulele where I seek help finding vegan friendly ukuleles. Instant-down-vote because of the V-word hindering it being discovered by those interested. It’s not offensive, I specifically ask to keep discussions on veganism out of it and I stayed polite about the topic - [I think?](h…

Where is Shotwell ratings stored and general photo library management strategies?

I have a system for sorting my photos using the ratings feature. It came about me trying to sort out the insane mess created by phone photography and automagic camera uploads have on your photo library. I needed a quick way to go through marking photos in order to sort out what has value or not. …

Reorganizing $HOME

I’m looking to restructure my home folder. Have for a long time used the standard XDG user directory structure ($HOME/{Desktop,Documents,Downloads...}) and it has become a mess. Also the capitalized directory names are inconvenient for a multitude of reasons. …


Server distro project for super-easy deployment? Help me find it [Solved]

**Edit: distrowatch <3 searching anything “Linux server” in any search engine is a futile action, thanks distrowatch: ** https://yunohost.org/