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I see this crackdown on Trumpism more as a response from the state because it was threatened than a response from the left. There may be many on the left who cheer this on, but it is not directed by those on the far left. This is a response from the state. The state does not care about your right of free speech if there is an attack on it. The state will protect it’s power structures no matter what.

You can. It is called Communities. It is groupings of rooms.

This year we saw a lot of progress in what moderation of instances mean. These numbers could be highly influenced by large changes in the network due to instance bannings like when Gab arrived and was quickly banned.

I think it would be nice to have the ability to add a mastodon toot into Lemmy and have it display the toot in a nice format and be linked to the toot’s server, but I don’t think replies to it should be standard from Lemmy since there likely could be different conversations occurring on different mediums.

I also think it would be nice to have PeerTube video integrated well into Lemmy but again the replies on Lemmy should not be the same as the replies on the Peertube format. Likely it will be a specific community focused discussion on Lemmy.

Definitely use Steam’s Proton to play steam games, just change your settings to have it run for every game that doesn’t run native on Linux. Proton uses Wine. If it is not a steam game, use Lutris. Lutris provides great install scripts that also use Wine. Gaming on Linux has come a long way in the last 6 months to a year.

Maybe ***tube will all of a sudden add ads to every video and not pay the creators unless they are registered partners… oh wait, they just did that!

It is still open, just that some corporations are contributing to it and using it’s data for their content.

I hate to see a large government telling a group of people that they can not live the way they want to.