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Pixelfed probably. It’s the most accessible and least nerdy platform.

It’s not more convenient. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cable running to your desk or whatever to be plugged into the phone or to have placed a charging pad there. The clutter is the same unless you use a lamp or table with a built in charging pad. Plugging in a phone takes 2 secs, about the same as placing the phone correctly on the pad. IMHO wireless charging is just a way to squeeze now money for useless stuff out of the customers. Don’t forget that wireless charging is also less efficient. It takes longer, wastes more energy, requires more materials to be used in the phone and the pad and thus crates more waste at the end of it’s life, so from an environmental POV you should avoid it.

P.S.: I used to charge my previous phone wirelessly, I’m back to wired charging with my current one for above reasons.

For a work project (a portable maintenance and incident management application) we’ll go with SQLite/rusqlite because of familiarity and some other reasons. And it can be linked statically, as suggested by @pinknoise

For a private project (a note taking app … yeah, I know, there are already thousands, but I need a real project for learning more Rust) I’m still playing around with the options.

I mean: not already installed on every system. Don’t get me wrong: I like SQLite and used it in several projects. I just need something that doesn’t have to be installed/downloaded/whatever first. I just want to deploy a single executable and not worry about the dependencies.

I definitely don’t want a database that needs to be installed first as I want to write a tool that can be thrown at a user and is instantly usable. So PostgreSQL and similar DBs are not an option. My problem with SQLite is, that it’s not available everywhere, so I’d have to ship it with my app which again leads to a more complex setup. I’ll have a look at sled, though, thanks!

Suggestions for in-memory database or other store for documents?
I'm looking for suggestions for an in-memory database or other type of store that syncs to the file system (preferably as a single file) to store small, text-only documents (notes) and additional metadata. It should preferably be made purely with Rust and have no dependencies to outside libraries like SQLite (without the dependency to the sqlite library in the system it would be my first choice). Also it shouldn't depend on any server/service running in the system. It should support relational data (but not necessarily relational as in SQL and relational databases) to allow fast and easy searching and retrieval of data. So far I (from the crate descriptions only) I found **RedDB**. the **rql** crate looks promising, too, even though I'll have to write the sync to the filesystem myself. Are there more suggestions?

Shockingly Lemmy is missing as an alternative to Reddit…