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Another option I thought about was him buying the M1 and fighting his way to install a Linux distro that supports all the M1 MacBook hardware. He’ll have a really fast and efficient chip, as well as a good system!

This option is a pipe dream. I don’t think there’s any indication that Linux can run on M1 as a desktop. They have initial support, yes, but a full desktop would require so much more.

For example, I was reading about a vulnerability in the M1s because of not having adopted a particular instruction set in the very basic operations of the chip.

X86s are riddled with security faults and legacy.

It’s almost as if this M1 is an early-adoption technology, if that makes sense.

Apple has been making CPUs for a long time, for their phones and pads. So no, it’s not early-adoption at all.

Generally speaking, you seem to be having some misconceptions about compatibility issues and support out there. Apple beats Linux in that area very easily. It’s a mainstream product whereas putting Linux on something is still very much a fringe thing.

Yes, granted, but I don’t see how replacing it with another, seemingly hostile, monopoly will help.

It’s actually even worse: if you take BBK’s brands, they’re #1 so Apple is essentially #4. So China is roughly taking 50% of the whole market.

This is not a good trend in any way, but I suppose we’ve been digging our own graves for a long time.

You’re basically giving them donations, that’s almost the whole point.

Python. It’s the funnest to write, the REPL (with ipython) is ok, but the runtime errors are irritating.

"A copy of the loan contract reviewed by NPR shows that if Montenegro is not able to repay China’s state-owned Export-Import Bank on time, the bank then has the right to seize land inside Montenegro, as long as it doesn’t belong to the military or is used for diplomatic purposes. "

Which comments do you think were racist? Or as you state, “incredibly racist”?

I saw some pretty valid skepticism about the security implications of such hardware. Nothing about calling the Chinese people something bad.

Did you read the article? They’re not calling Huawei bad, they’re just highlighting the differences between what a “share” means in China and what it means in the western world.

Sharing profits with the employees is definitely a good idea at least morally and I would guess that it’s pretty great as an incentive too. But do they actually own the company? Could they fire the founder (currently deputy Chairman) Ren Zhengfei who nominally owns only 1% of the company?

Yeah, she’s pretty much done everything that should be done and more. She promised that the rules around this thing will be clarified, she will pay back all the money from her own funds used in this way, and will stop using this benefit even if it will be deemed lawful later.

It would require a victory in the next parliamentary election for the Rudimentary Finns Party, becoming the largest party.

Which according to the polls might very well happen. It’s still a few years away, though.

Yep, as a Finn I can confirm that this headline is not a joke. It’s not a parody.

This is actually happening here. People, like every single fucking person in this country, is thinking about this right now.

I’m afraid we’re gonna have our full-on Trump moment soon. This is such a preamble to that.

Knowingly lying, especially in combination of attempts to gain high power. Although I realize how difficult this would be to enforce.

Didn’t downvote you, but 1. seemed odd. Are you saying that if somebody hires somebody, they cannot get rid of that person no matter how they behave and work? Perhaps I didn’t understand the phrasing correctly — perhaps the stress was on “without notice”.

Others are more or less agreeable, although possibly hard to enforce.

There used to be an installer, and it was, well, complicated. It tried to be very flexible while still streamlining the installation. When we removed all that and went with installation script approach instead, things became simpler and even more flexible (since what can be more flexible than the command line). I still think this is the best OS installer I have ever seen, and I’ve seen some.

Also, before the systemd change was completed, the init system and supporting tools were not quite as robust. So that created all kinds of complications.

Everything that is developed with a clear focus gets better with time.