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  • This is a really interesting video. My first question would be why this issue wasn’t caught early by the devs. The Id Tech 4 engine at the time was considered absolutely cutting edge stuff, and (as the video identifies) even it had to be constrained to interior environments. Halo 2 was using an iteration off of Halo:CE’s engine, so unlike Doom the engine wasn’t specifically built to do those shadow tricks. Who thought that they could rework an existing engine to do shadows like this, get it to work better than Id Tech 4 at doing outdoor spaces, and then get it optimized enough that not high end computers but X-Boxes could run it? And do all of that on top of actually just making the game itself inside of a market driven timeline?

    Laid out like that, it looks like a crazy idea. I wonder if the art style was developer or management pushed, and who allowed it to get far enough that models were made with it in mind.

  • The exact problem with the released DNF is that it wasn’t a “late 90s game”. The late 90s-early 2000s style of games are right now very popular. There is, and has been a market for them.

    The problems with the released DNF is that the producers didn’t have faith in any particular direction and kept having the devs start over again and again to chase trends. In the end, Gearbox got the rights to DNF and cobbled together a game nobody cared about. The released DNF was the most mediocre, trend chasing mid-00s game imaginable with all of the HALO and Call Of Duty game design influence that could be crammed in, while bringing nothing additional of value to the table.

    The DNF 2001 Restoration project is already more enjoyable than the released game, proving that early 2000s style of game design is perfectly viable.

  • It’s a stand alone project building off of the 2001 build’s leak, trying to turn it into a completed game.

    The download includes the leaked original content as well if you want to compare. The original content isn’t really playable as anything but novelty, since it’s more like the skeleton of a game than a game. The project has made strides in all aspects to turn half finished, often unpopulated locations into actual game levels. Pigcops are back, Duke’s model is improved, more voice acting included, level design with scripted encounters. Lots of stuff.

  • I’d prefer people ignore the noise. Star Wars fandom is always on the precipice of exploding into another fan on fan knifefight with the smallest provocation. I had hoped to have a space where people talk about what they enjoy, rather than fight over review scores and Twitter nonsense. But I am hesitant as well to strike down the discussion that people want to engage in.

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    While shady behavior to manipulate reviews is not okay, I’m hesitant to engage with the discussion. The reason being that jumping down into this topic results in unproductive slapfights where everyone calls everyone else shills/trolls/whatever. Bringing that discussion to this community changes the tone from talking about Star Wars, to talking about people who are talking about people who are talking about Star Wars.

    There should be a space on the Internet to enjoy Star Wars, and to discuss and critique Star Wars content itself without being sidetracked by talking about how other people have wrong opinions.

    E-celebs whip up mobs of idiots. Corporations whip up mobs of idiots. I just don’t know if that’s something we really need to put a magnifying glass on here. This topic is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now.

  • I’ve done a lot of deep dives and this one specifically felt weird. Basically no enemies in the first stage. Made it through the second stage about mid way on ammo but we didn’t even call in a resupply pod. I guess maybe the devs wanted us to have lots of pods because of the low O2 on stage 3, but it was still just crazy easy.

    My team wasn’t speedrunning the mission or acting in any way overly coordinated. This was a blind run of random team members playing in an average way.