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  • milkjug@lemmy.wildfyre.devtoLinux@lemmy.mlI'm enjoying Plasma 6
    4 months ago

    I first beheld the glory of the cube in 2009. It was transcendental. I almost felt my soul leaving my body and ascending to a higher plane of consciousness, where few have treaded and those that truly grasp its majesty, yet fewer still. I was swept up in the spiritual, yet fleeting, ephemeral, and mercurial experience that was like no other. We were no more than ants trying to understand Einstein’s Relativity, or dung beetles oblivious to the sonorous rapture of Mozart.

    I flipped the cube for a couple more times to show it to my unimpressed wife, and promptly never booted into Ubuntu since.

  • Honestly, vscode opens in a split second for me, faster than I can react and start typing. For all intents and purposes it is instantaneous. Granted my setup is extremely clean and I only have the barest extensions installed for my workflow. The performance is consistent in my Windows, macOS and Linux machines.

    I can’t imagine it running slow at all (perhaps someone with hundreds or thousands of extensions would). The last two editors I could recall that took the whole of eternity in the time space continuum to load were Eclipse and Atom. And those were slowass right out of the gate with zero extensions or plugins.