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  • Pretty sure the OP was a troll, actually.

    Anyhow, if you want specifics, we currently have 90 far right MPs in Congress and even our “centrist” government and the “classic right” seem to have decided muslims are to blame for everything. This includes and is not limited to :

    • banning “muslim adjacent” wear like abbayas from schools ;
    • a broad offensive to remove pork free meals from school lunches in some cities ;
    • à brutal crackdown on any pro Palestinian action, including summons from anti terrorism units that have targeted union leaders, students and leftwing MPs ;
    • targeting of muslim private schools for closure whereas radical catholic schools are absolutely fine even when they teach gay people are all rapists (see Lycée Stanislas for a very striking example) ;
    • repeated incidents of police disproportionately targeting muslims ;
    • a general attitude of paranoia regarding anything muslim : last year our Home Office equivalent actually asked primary schools to provide a list of pupils that missed class because of specifically muslim religious holidays.

    I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of things. But also, I can see everyday around me how hard muslim people, but also any arab looking person, have it in the public eye. The far right is on the rise politically but also socially. Anything that “does not belong”, be it LGBTQ, non white people, etc is increasingly targeted by pressure groups of "concerned citizens ", “protector of the peace,”, “defender of children” and so on. It worries me. A lot.