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You know you can apply that to any antifa member who wants disobey laws by resorting to violent means.

Although i wouldn’t mind some right wing users being around, hate speech in disguise would be a problem.

Leftist people are not in any capacity perfect, quite the contrary, but at least there is more rejection of such values, thus creating a more inviting environment. Bigoted leftists are a problem as well, i hope the community doesn’t get carried away by those kinds of people.

Sort of? They will soon realize that things are different in here, but if we want to grow the community, we have to accept new users, in one way indiscriminately.

This, one instance wont be able to handle a massive amount of daily users, but the fediverse is designed with ahem… federation in mind.

Mastodon dot social is an example of when there is an over centralized instance, but lemmy ml, although centralizing it’s still relatively small.

I am among those people who think stalin wasn’t a hero, mao a genocide, and modern russia and china are oligarchies and dictatorships.

Some community members might disagree with me, but so far it’s been in a respectful way.

They could absorb the entire platform in the process, like the my little pony guys in some imageboards. The level of flood back then was sometimes unbearable.

It’ll take at least one year in order to see some cheap android phones with this latest version…

Elementary is infamously known for its buggy releases, although i don’t condone the excessive hate towards the devs, i can understand why the distro has such a reputation.

And it turns out that in this release there are some annoying bugs as well…

I don’t think it would affect america’s technological presence in Russia, like in China, people resort to piracy in order to use Windows.

Using ARM is swiming with the Sharks, at least they are actually investing in RISC-V

Not really powerfull, the Raspberry Pi 4 would be more powerfull.

I feel they have to invest into an open source ISA if they want to avoid any bans from USA.

He may have died happily, some people would rather die without getting the vaccine than living knowing that they are dumbasses.

You know, being a Nintendo fan that wants to do what nintendo hasn’t is hard, entire years of love poured into a fanmade remake or adaptation can be destroyed by nintendo at the sound of their fingers cracking.

But hey, let’s at least enjoy while it isn’t.

Because getting infected while vaccinated is not the same as getting infected without a vaccine.

In all cases the vaccine triggers antibodies that combat the virus, but in some cases you can still get infected. The risk of dying with the vaccine is close to cero.

I belong to a marginalized group, and i pretty much can guarantee you that if marginalized people rejected the vaccine, it would be for the same reasons that non marginalized groups would. Ignorance.

Marginalized groups tend not to know their own history, so although i understand your point, i think in this case ignorance acts in the same way for all groups. Don’t get me wrong, taking a more conciliatory approach should be the way to go, but in a case like the coronavirus one, taking short term measures is better than long term measures, it’s literally the difference between life and death.

Laws are pretty much a coercion mechanism, and in some places doing things that are not prohibited by laws still can get you kicked out of said place, rather than treating them as children, i assume that getting the vaccine is a matter of common sense, and if you don’t want to because you trust conspiracy theories more, then there is nothing wrong with not being allowed to be in some places where common sense is mandatory.

-100C? that’s not as much as i thought…

Cloud services powered in one way or another with quantum computing… i wonder how that would be. We already live in a cloud environment tho.

what platform are you using? (Mastodon? Friendica? Pixelfed?)

Mastodon, Misskey, Peertube, Pixelfed, Plume, well Lemmy… i also used diaspora but that’s a different thing.

which instance? And most important question: 3) why/how did you choose 1 and 2?

In one way or another, you soon will learn that diversity is key in this enviroment, and experimentation is required, now i am mainly on floss.social but i’ve been in many different instances since 2017, trying to look for the right place.

My first instance was an 100% free speech one, and moderation was for the most part nonexistent, very isolated to begin with, and the content was… well, what you’d expect, so i migrated.

Used two more instances for a long time but i have accounts in many others, and i finally settled down in floss.social. I follow for the most part developers, cause i’m interested in what they do, mostly GNOME devs.

Guix is cool, anything that is written on common lisp/scheme is cool.

Politically i dislike systemd, it just gives Red Hat too much control over GNU/Linux.

But functionally, systemd is an amazing… linux framework, let’s say, and as an operative system that rules over the supercomputer market and the server market, you need that. GNU/Linux has to be the most advanced operative system on earth since it operates on the most advanced fields. So it’s just natural that Red Hat wanted such thing.

well i believe that you need to control the subatomic particles, and in order to do so you need an “absolute zero” temperature, so i don’t think quantum computing will be as accesible as a PC has been.

Sometimes, and when i say sometimes i mean quite often, people don’t listen, regardless of what the experts say.

And that is because, it’s easier for them to look at conspiracy theories and gossip than to learn the truth, they are not uninformed, they are misinformed, but they have decided to be like that.

I know that sounds too forceful, but there is a crisis of ignorance in america, and you should fight against it with some decisive measures.

America has a bunch of vaccines for all the wrong reasons, not sharing the vaccines to other countries, including third world ones, all to provide the scarce resource to their people; meanwhile people are rejecting the vaccines because they read on an Instagram post that there is a communist conspiracy led by Bill Gates.

I think the answer is far simpler than this, Mastodon (or the fediverse if possible) should implement a “groups” feature, one similar to the already defunct Google+.

When “tooting” or posting, you should have the option to profile your toot as one belonging to that certain group, say, a toot aimed at the “Dragon Quest” group. Or more generalistic groups if you want to.

You can “subscribe” to those groups, and they will be displayed as trends are displayed right now, whenever you open your instance, it shows you how many new toots or posts have been published.

That means changing the UI, and adding code, but sounds like a good approach, i think the easiest implementation is to strength the hashtag feature, showing your preferred hashtags in one part of the interface.

"they have been threatening an anti-CCP Chinese software developer over his life with threats such as “deporting you to China”

This is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

Well i don’t know about that, fabricating microprocessors and designing them are two different things. Having that said, Globalfoundries doesn’t belong to China.

I’ve heard that intel wants to buy Globalfoundries for 30 billion dollars, so that move would potentially be used against Russia’s interests. I think at the end of the day Russia will gravitate towards the chinese sphere, regardless of what they want.

Maybe it’s not a mistake… remember, when windows developers find a bug, they first report it to the american agencies before patching it.

This definetly happened somewere somehow.

Your argument is based on the premise of philantropy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Same thing goes for google on Linux, they have fucsia right?

Now that is impressive, Russia is already a militar powerhouse, so they actually need sophisticated hardware in order to control all that armament, a modern RISC-V microprocessor aimed for the laptop market could secretly be meant to be used for other activities.

It is a mix of previous FLOSS projects with right wing politics, mostly only trump supporters will buy it.

It is like a company selling ads, but the ads here is more about cheap patriotism.

Having that said, you’re not gonna be spied on with this particular virus/service, because it’s quite expensive, it’s a couple of millions per victim.

In that sense, GAFAM and legal surveillance capitalism are more concerning.

Yeah, Pegasus. In my country it was constantly used to spy on political oppositors and journalists. It is not a cheap service.

I bet it is the electron app… sounds ugly but hey, at least we have that.

It could, but here people take their privacy more seriously than say, discord, so not many of us would participate.

Also mi voice is annoying lol.

Yep, sounds like it. Backfire theory. Learn about imperialism, capitalism and socialism first before making such uneducated comments.

I wonder how downplaying my figure makes my points less valid.

Buddy, Taiwan is a separatist region, not a country. For a state to be a country, it has to be a de jure sovereignty. Taiwan is a de facto state.

You really have to check again what “de jure” and what “de facto” means. Taiwan pretty much enters in the category of a “de jure” state, since it doesn’t force it’s citizens to recognize the Taiwanese law by authoritarian means. Furthermore elections are a given and so far there are no fraud concerns.

Ever heard Taiwan declaring independence, or being recognised as a country by a majority of countries in UN, let alone just 15 countries?

This is so close to be a compelling argument to use against the existence of Palestina as an estate, it’s funny how inconsistent some people can get just to justify Chinese expansionist policy over Taiwan.

Not gonna watch the video right now, but China fulfills every category to be an imperialist country.

They are expansionist by nature, claiming Taiwan, they use their money to extend their influence, the so called soft power, they lend money to weak countries that want to develop infrastructure with the condition that if they don’t pay the money china gets the infrastructure. That is an aggressive expansionist activity.

So i have not bought a GNU/Linux phone for several reasons, one of which is that neither the ecosystem nor the devices themselves seem to be mature enough to have a stable experience. To begin with, GTK3 is far from ideal on these devices, and many applications have not migrated to GTK4 which does take advantage of the GPUs... more or less. I don't know exacly what the status of the drivers is like, but i'd assume that the pinephone doesn't support vulkan. But i've heard that AMD and Samsung will collaborate to bring AMD RDNA2 GPU's to Samsung devices, which in my opinion, it's the game changer that we need. This is completely theoretical but we lose nothing by speculating. So AMD is great on x86 right? you have very powerful graphic cards compared to intel's which have open source drivers and implementations like intel, namely MESA with RADV, unlike Nvidia, a company that offers very powerful cards with closed source drivers. I'd assume that these new devices will be able to run a full GNU/Linux distro with open source drivers and all the subsequent tools. You would get finally a powerful device withouth compromising privacy from the software perspective. I understand that the kill switches are something unique that gives the Librem 5 and the Pinephone an advantage in terms of privacy, but using a real GNU/LInux distribution on a powerful and potentially popular device is a big deal. What are your thoughts on this?

So i've been playing some old RPG's, the First one was Final Fantasy 6 which i disliked, then i played Star Ocean, which i liked a lot, and now i've finished Breath of Fire. First i must say that this game is old, and it feels old, very old. It feels like a game that is aware of being in a more powerful console than the 8 bits NES, yet it still doesn't konw what a modern game is. First problem, there's no fast walk at all, you only have a slow walking speed. Over time you get used to it, but it's frustrating noneteless. The map, the world in general is quite massive in terms of space, with that walking speed it takes time to reach any place, eventually you get a spell that transports you to almost all towns, but that only makes the experience bearable. Well heres the tip, the map is divided in large yet isolated areas, and each area has at most 5 places to go. Yep, the map is for the most part, quite empty but at first it gives an entirely different impression. Another problem is NPCs and the events. The NPCs have this problem that, when a plot event is triggered **they only say what they have to say once**, just once, oh you forgot what it was? get fucked. My last complaint is the interface, is quite chaotic, i don't want to dive further into it, let's just say that most of the options exist, you just need to explore it. The spells UI is the worst part of all, you get many spells but not an option that explains what they do, their names don't help at all. Many old games have these types of problems, the difference between them and Breath of Fire is that Breath of Fire is a very ambicious game, you feel the impact of these problems much more than with other games. So after this session of complainig, the remaining question is, is this game worth at all? My personal response would be. **YES, totally**. First there is a GBA version that fixes the slow walking speed problem, unfortunately the music is worse considering that the GBA has worse hardware in that matter. So let's talk about the good points. The combat system is AMAZING, it's just entertaining and interesting to play, especially compared to Final Fantasy 6. There is much more strategy than FF6 althought the game is not that complex in terms of gameplay. The game is not easy, it has a moderate difficulty, it never resorts to overgrind in order to present a challenge, it's a fair game with a fair challenge, and i like it that way. The music is very good, unfortunately the last tracks are kinda generic, so it kinda falls short at the last quarter of the experience. Regardless of that, most of the overworld themes, the village theme, the shop theme and many others are nice as hell, it immerses you in the environment. The story is very entertaining and i actually cared. It's not nearly as good as FFVI but it has its own charm. Graphically this game is excellent, despite not showing as many large elements as FFVI, many places share a similar structure althought the desing is different. The enemy desings and the characther desings are fantastic. So to summarize. **Graphics: 8.7** **Battle System: 9.2** **Story: 6.7** **Music: 8.1** **Gameplay/game design: 5.4** So this game is a solid **7.62**, a good game indeed.

isn't it two waifus with swords as the next DLC for Smash Ultimate? As a Shulk main i cannot be more satisfied with this decision. I've noticed that Pyra has the killpower so she might be like the finisher or edgeguarder/ledgetrapper, while Mythra has the framedata while keeping the range, so she could be good for neutral and combos. I expect them to be top tier, not less, and to be bad online like Shulk is.

Predictions? I think Sora is not gonna make it, two square enix characters in a row doesn't seem to be appropriate and Disney is an annoying diva. Master chief is a slippery pick, that would conform 3 Microsoft characters, but on the other hand the new halo is approaching.

I played the game and these are my thoughts. Story is fantastic... For like 7 characters, the other ones are not that relevant. Music 10 out of 10. Graphics amazing, yeah, play your games with scalines or CRT effects if you're using emulators. And then the gameplay is like 3.5 out of 10, for many many reasons. First, the game isn't hard but they force you to overgrind. Since the game introduces so many characters and it wants to give all of them espers (what gives most of them magic) you have to grind each of the 14 characters. You get some of them very late and that's something... Well after that you'll realize that most of the magic is useless, it doesn't affect the bosses and the normal enemies die faster with normal attacks or the elemental magic. The combat system is boring and frustrating, and that's surprising considering that the game is easy. Some fights can last up to 1.5 minutes, and that doesn't look like much, but then you find the worst thing about the game. The random encounter enemy rate is ridiculously high, like mercilessly high, sometimes after ending a battle you will encounter an enemy after TWO steps. You cannot disable the random enemy encounter till the end of the game when you obtain molulus charm. And therefore if you want to explore throughout the game, it's gonna be hell. I wanted to play other final fantasy games, after finishing this one i decided to play star ocean for the snes and breath of fire, and God that's an improvement.