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Congrats, no one will every take anything you say seriously on this platform again. I think I should start a list of communist/Chinese apologists on this platform and keep it public.

Edit: Propagandists

There was someone on here recently looking for the lowest cost solution to streaming/playback of videos at 1080p 60. We all recommended RPi 4’s and used Optiplex. This write up would have been ideal for them.

Actually, compared to that statement, I am.

I kind of wish that when I respond to a comment in my inbox, that it doesn’t just disappear after I submit it. I usually want to click the context button after I respond. It’s just a little pet peeve and not really much of an issue, but I digress.

Yes, and that’s the way to do it! But you would lose all credibility in your guide if you started it by referring to the reader as a normie, I reckon.

Wicked cool article actually. Especially readable for those with no background in geodynamics.

Sigh Hate that I always have to say this, but it’s best to start by not marginalizing non-privacy focused people by calling them normies. It’s a gatekeeping attitude and it turns off anyone who was considering privacy.

Edit: Inclusivity is the fastest/most effective way to build a community

Just listing off your associations with other cultures (sounds more like a fetish, but I digress), does not mean you’re not racist. You can like another race’s culure and still think they’re inferior. Your backpedaling comes off a lot like “I can’t be racist cause I have black friends”. Check yourself.

I’ll poke around a little bit. I’m just curious.

Not really ironic. If you read the post, the author never says they want to go back to web1, but more so the spirit of it.


Thought this was going to be a collection of default wallpapers for various linux distributions. Kinda disappointing.

sips coffee

It’s a great day when you see a capitalistic, debt-financed, empire collapse. But a sad one when you think about all the people who this affected.

Thoughts on total upvotes?

I’m not sure if this has been asked yet, but what are your thoughts on the profile page displaying the total number of post and comment upvotes (separately)? …


Can you be more specific about what you want to do? This title is gibberish to be honest.

Oh no I get what you’re saying. Most people have been using windows or mac operating systems since they were in grade school, so it is super natural to know how to do these things, but when I mess around with linux I quite often find myself googling simple things. Linux just does things differently. Just like windows and mac os do things differently as well.

This was actually quite fun to watch because we’ve all had to google how to do basic things here and there in Linux.

Not really all that surprising, but it’s not to see that it’s being actively investigated. I also highly recommend Lockdown on iOS. I tried to use an archive for this article but all the services returned “access denied” prompts. …


Fun video showing an eco-conscious structure that predominately uses solar for heating in the winter and summer…


Sorting comments by community

Don’t know if anyone else cares about something like this, but I needed to find a reference I used in a comment a long time ago. I scrolled through several pages before I found it. …


My daily driver for about 5 months now. Nk65 v2 aluminum, novel key cream switches (lubed, so fucking much), and a Susuwatari set…


Happen Films - YT Channel that documents sustainability, permaculture, etc.

Just wanted to share one of my favorite channels on YT. They make videos about a lot of different things, but my favorite is the permaculture tour series (like this one). Not sure if this channel has been shared here before, but I recommend it…


KDE Neon brought me back to linux

I’ve had lots of issues in the past with Ubuntu LTS’s having random system crashes, etc., that kept me away from using linux as my daily driver for work and personal use. …


Browser Sandboxing?

Hi there, I just have a quick (and newbie) privacy related question I’m hoping someone with more knowledge than me can provide a constructive answer on. …


I came across this while browsing the web in Grand Theft Auto IV. Kind of humorous to be honest…