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I’ll be here to shoot down every thing you post from now on shill:)

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Yeah, I agree with you about the legalities of transferring physical assets, blockchain is not really suited for that in our world or a hypothetical anarchist one. I could see it being useful for such things, but it would require the law be rewritten to recognize it, or a strong social norm being created for it. No such mechanism currently exists however.

On the original subject of anarchist usage, I do think that cryptocurrency itself, due to its decentralized nature, is an excellent way for individual anarchists to send funds to others, for support or to contribute to worthy causes. Such transfers are not subject to interference by the state or the existing financial system. They are also completely private if a privacy coin is used. Additionally, due to the tamper resistance that blockchains have, they are also useful for establishing a shared truth in the absence of any authority. This is useful for anarchists, as it gives them a distributed database in which to record agreements and such, knowing that the other parties cannot modify anything.

If he pulls all the fanboys over there and out of where I hang out, I would support this.

I never could understand why the FSF has such a boner for copyright and the infinite legal minutia surrounding it. Every developer out there is just pulling this code at will, has NEVER read the license, nor cares about it a single bit. Yet, the contributing FAQ they put out revolves solely around copyright and attribution issues? Let me go out on a limb and say that copyright and attribution are definitely NOT the actual frequently asked questions that contributors have.

Ah, you are talking about physical assets, I thought you were referring to cryptocurrency itself. Yeah, coupling legal ownership of an object with a blockchain transaction seems to be a bit experimental right now. I guess you could sign a contract with your neighbor stating that you give them ownership of the car once the transaction hits the chain, but I am not sure how well that would actually hold up in court.

You will get caught, Germany is insane about fining people for torrenting (like 1000 Euros, just insane amounts). This is actually one solid use case for running your traffic through Tor or a non-German VPN. You don’t really have an option honestly.

Thanks, I’ll look into getting one up then.

If you’re using a blockchain to track scarce resources, you still have to trust that everyone handling those resources is honest with the blockchain

I don’t think this is accurate. You really can’t just do your own thing with the blockchain, there are rules for what you can and cannot do and if you violate them, other nodes in the network will reject your changes and eventually block you as a malicious node. To actually get away with such shenanigans requires >50% of the network hashpower, which is out of reach to all but state actors for most popular currencies.

Maybe not completely on-topic, but I wanted to ask what sort of resource requirements a Lemmy instance requires. I have a Kubernetes cluster I run for my business, so if it is not too heavy, I may be able to put an instance up with my excess resources. Thanks.

Snowden was the kickoff for me. Once I saw how the NSA was collecting virtually all internet data, storing it in Utah for future decryption efforts, I knew we actually lived in 1984 times. Assange also had a strong impact, demonstrating that the free speech “protections” of liberal democracies were empty lies.