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as a federated service it doesn’t matter what we want. People will use it if they wanna use it

RIP Iz, one of the fucking greats, as a person from so cal with a ton of Hawaiian coworkers and friends, he’s a god…

Just found a place that’ll take monero and it’s like $7 for like 50 accounts, i DO NOT need that many but it’s a minimum order lol

it’s just to fuck with osint, some apps can use the account

How to register FB/Insta without a phone number?

The disposable SMS sites haven’t worked so far, will I just have to buy some?..

Adding to my previous post, you just need a Raspberry Pi and Kodi and the Seren or TheOath app. It uses debrid services like premiumize or realdebrid to fetch cached torrents from their servers

It’s a different name, but I distinctly remember being annoyed by it many years ago. It would trigger on almost every website that included the tiniest bit of JS without license attribution

Kolektiva.social down?

I think it was offline a bit yesterday too…

i know that works, but libtorrent, that most major apps use, is supposed to support it now too

that’s the issue, i can’t tell if it’s uploading to peertube users, the Blender short video thing I watched has 7 peers but Tranmission showed 0 other than the webseed, qbittorrent showed 3 seeds but didn’t download from then

A major limitation I’ve always noticed is you have to keep the window open to seed it, who’s realistically going to do that for any reasonable amount of time?

Can we seed peertube videos in standard torrent apps?

I know libtorrent added webtorrent support a while back, how does it work? I tried it in qBittorrent and Transmission, and it downloads from the webseed only…

Open link in new window?

That would be a nice feature, unless I’m missing it…

You should look into Hospitality TVs, mostly stripped down for business use https://www.cdw.com/search/?key=hospitality tv

how will this eventually work? will sublemmies be activitypub groups? i know there’s some conflicting group stuff, at least i’ve heard on mastodon

Fuck i’ve spent so much effort moving all my things to my protonmail address, many of them on alias addresses i only get with my paid account

oh the whole url works? thats handy. thanks!

You have to search it in mastodon, right? like they don’t have a subscribe button like peertube channels?

pixelfed doesn’t seem to make it easy to subscribe from mastodon or another instance, unless i’m missing something