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Ah yes, let’s keep doing the thing we did before that didn’t work. Also, none of the referenced studies appear to be studies, but CDC reports.

I’ve always drawn a hard distinction between government white papers and journalistic studies, because there often isn’t a peer review process at all for government and industry whitepapers.

This just seems like fear mongering bullshit. Going through the actual tables, the numbers look as if there are vast gaps and differences in outcomes, but it also looks like it could be statistically insignificant.

Without actual controls and wide spread tracking, I question the significance of any of these numbers, or why one should even take the risk of more experimental, emergency use medication, when the latest strains don’t seem to be anywhere near as deadly.

They have TONS of unions, spread all across the US. Many of them are corrurpt. Have you seen the movie “Waiting for Superman”? It is a pretty good exposition on how teachers unions in a lot of school districts that are difficult to hire for (inner-city mostly) benefit the teachers at the great expense of all students.

I saw the same in my years in Chicago (and Lori Lightfoot gave into their terrible demands that will drain the city of money and resources).