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Hard task, but possible with jailbreak.

Oh and talk to some actually serious…

Bruh, nearly no malware can survive a reboot on iOS atm. Not even jailbreak. You can ask them on Reddit. (r/jailbreak)

you seem to have completely swallowed

I dislike Apple as much as you do. Do not get me wrong. It is just better than Google, Facebook and Amazon.

even more terrible

Terrible is already a strong word. You don’t have to exaggerate the situation. Is Apple iOS better than Google Android for privacy? Yes? That is my point.

But as long as we compare Apple to terrible companies like Samsung that pre-load their phones with spyware…

Apple is not terrible, Google and Facebook is…

I think you just backed my point.

But let me tell you just one thing; currently, there is no single computer on this earth that can match iPad Pro, private or not. So the end user won’t care that much as much as you are concerned. If it is good enough, which Apple is, they’ll take it and it is not a bad thing

Furthermore their products are significantly less secure to exploits

This is just wrong and misleading. Apple system is one of the most secure OS if not the most.

Apple is the best you can get if you’re not tech savvy or just don’t have enough time to learn to flash a custom rom and/or tweak some ridiculous settings. Apple is not terrible, Google and Facebook is; however, that doesn’t mean that Apple is innocent of course.

Not everyone is getting their paycheck as $$

Those who downvote me probably thinks the whole world is either US or Canada. Sorry pals, it is not.

Welp. No thank you. I won’t use proprietary software.

Vivaldi is proprietary and assigns a unique user ID to each installation which pings their servers every 24 hours.

Proprieatry software should not be recommended in this community because we can’t verify what’s running beneath it.

On desktop it is comparable; but if you use Windows Edge is faster in every way except privacy. On Linux it is a different story. On android!? It is as slow as a turtle; faster than before yet still nowhere near Chromium based browsers (that has adblock).

Chromium does not collect that much data; also please check out Ungoogled Chromium. If my criticism is valid, which is especially on Android, why wouldn’t I say that? Stop being a fanboy.

I don’t use Chrome. I want Firefox to succeed.

It is not my opinion. It is a fact. Chrome/ium is faster. Period.

Have you ever read Notion’s ToS and privacy policy? This sub is dedicated to privacy and there is nothing private about Notion.

New look? Come on… even Mozilla’s site is opening faster on Chromium. We dont need a new look.

Biscuit browser | an Android browser based on GeckoView

I just tried this browser can say it is faster than Firefox. It does not have sync but supports crucial addons plus you can add your own list of addons like you do on Firefox Nightly. Sadly, I couldn’t see an option to block 3rd party cookies; since this is just an alpha/early beta release it is nor…


Joplin looks unpolished and Nextcloud sync option is often clumsy.

Thank you. Do you know other Seafile instances?

Which note taking app do you recommend?

I am using Standard Notes currently but I don’t want to pay 10$/month.


Has anybody tried microG without signature spoofing?

I’m thinking about uninstalling Play services (it’s disabled atm) and installing microG but since it’s a stock rom there is no signature spoofing. …


GNOME users, tell us your favorite extensions

Mine is definitely dash-to-panel. …


Can you suggest me a notes and to-do app that can sync with Nextcloud?

I am using Gnome, so please no Qt stuff :)…