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Are the bus routes adequate?

I’m trying to get to work at 630am from downtown. Google maps is telling me to walk or taxi, cause buses will only bring me there by 650am, even departing at 4am…

TD banks sometimes have water refill stations

Finding places to fill up is hard…

How long is lemmy.ca going to stay operational?

I want to refer to my older posts sometimes, but wont be able to do so if lemmy.ca is deleted…

I could do c/main too, since it looks like there are spam 2 posts here


btw there was no moderator notification

(thebeaverton is a satire website) from my understanding yes. However, the cause in canada is due to vancouver having a higher % of aboriginals compared to other parts of canada

You could give me moderate position and i’ll ban spammer when i come across them

What is the point of the non-disability welfare programs existing?

The payout is insufficient to even be able to afford a room. It could allow someone to afford a room with a roommate in certain regions, but the availability of people actually looking to share a bachelor/studio/room is low…